Bag Searches at Game

At the pre-season game I was completely taken by surprise when the Hamilton Police were doing the bag searches at the Melrose Gate. I asked the policeman about it and he said that they were just helping out. The TigerCat security personnel were standing by the gate but not doing any searches.

Having your bag / purse being searched by security guards is one thing but it brings it to a whole new level if the police are doing the searching. Myself, I have no worries about what they find but I do find it very uncomfortable.

Is this bag search being done by the police legal? Will I be charged or denied entry into the game if I don't want my bag searched by a policeman rather than a security guard?

Is someone going to be arrested for trying to smuggle a bottle of water into the game when it's 40 degrees with the humidex? I wonder if the lady who was aided by the medics for heat stroke dureing the game had her bottle of water confiscated at the gate and couldn't afford the $3.50 for a bottle of water.

I agree on the whole water thing 110% my friend! Especially if the seal on the cap hasnt been broken! Other sporting events let you bring in water, ie Roger's center.
As for checking your bag, its all legal! You are entering privite property so they can if they wish to. Makes no difference who does it a cop, or a rent-a-cop!
But getting back to the water mabey management will change there mind if enough people ask them to!
It doesnt hurt, and you bring up a good point on the heat stroke woman, they should have at least more water fountains, or like I said, let then bring in sealed bottles of water!

Sorry 13 but there is free water available at the stadium from the water fountains. The water policy doesn’t need revision

I said they have fountains, if you can read, i said there should be more, and clean them once in awhile, and have you looked in those fountains, people spit in them, throw gum in them, paper, you can put your lips by there, not me man!!

There are enough, I've never encountered a line of more than one or two. Mostly no line at all. There are fountains on every concourse. As for the cleanliness, I use them every game. I haven't seen the garbage you speak of and its not nessasary to put your lips on any part of the fountain. If you don't like it you are free to purchase water.

Not allowing water is ridiculous. Especially when its as hot as it was for that pre-season game.
The fountains are dirty and its $3.50 for a bottle of water at the game.
Nobody wants to spend over 10 dollars just so they have enough water throughout the game.

Now I am no expert on the business dealings of concessions and things of that matter, but when I was at Giants Stadium in New Jersey I was chatting with a security guard who has been working there for 30 years and we were discussing the prices of things at the stadium. He told me that the reason why things like water are so expensive is because the company that provides the concessions (companies like Aramark) charge the stadium something ridiculous like $50 for 24 bottles of water. So the only way they can make any money is by charging $3.50+ per bottle.

Like I said, I am no expert, but that is just what I remember from our long conversations while I waited to see Bruce Springsteen last fall.

  • paul

ps. If you are really concerned about being searched, you should read the conditions on the back of your ticket prior to going to a game. As someone who has been to a few NFL games at various stadiums, we get off pretty easy at Ivor Wynne and in Canada in general.

I've only been to one nfl game, but i was allowed to bring in water.

Been a season ticket holder for 38 years and this is the first time having my bag searched by police.

Someone near me had an empty water bottle confiscated. I guess he had planned on filling it up at one of the fountains.

It’s evolution, what can you do?

All it takes is one incident to ruin it for everyone.

I guess I will have to leave my men’s European carry-all at home this season.

  • paul

Must have been really surprised as its been 6 mos. since you posted. Then again not a surprise as this has been policy for years. Weird.

I'd much rather have a professional police officer check my girlfriend's purse or bag than a civilian teenager/security guard.

Also, I know of people who bring an empty water bottle to the games and fill up at the fountains. The water coming out of the fountains is just fine. Your lips only touch the water flow so the concern that the rest of the fountain isn't clean isn't valid.

Most of us were hydrated by " Shorty Green" as kids and noone seemed to worry about that.

(you have to be a born and bred Hamiltonian to understand "Shorty Green") :wink:

What's not posting in 6 months got to do with anything? The game was a week ago. Comments like that is why I don't post anymore.

Anyways, I must correct myself. It's the first time being searched outside the stadium by police. Previously they've checked bags once your inside the stadium.

Ban bags . Everyone with a bag was searched , consequently making the line slow. Ladies use your pocket and bra. Men with purses move to T.O . :lol:

Sweet! I am ahead of the game, I already live in Toronto!

  • paul

While I have no objection to being searched, nor have I carried any illegal substances into the stadium, my concern is that if a police officer searches you and finds, oh I don't know, cannabis or something else that is illegal to possess anywhere he or she would definitely act differently than say a security guard.

I'm not promoting illegal drug use, but I do have a problem with unnecessary police searches. I take this to be a violation of our rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Entering a public event everyone should be subject to search by a security guard so that Big Brother has a little less power over everyone. (Please don't say "if you have nothing to hide you shouldn't object to being searched" as an attitude like this is the first step on the slippery slope to a police state.)

It's not a police state when the event is being held on property that has been leased by a business and the police are there on paid duty to make sure the rules of the event and facility are enforced.....these are not arbitrary are forwarned of them..........same as when you go to the airport.........your rights to not be searched are suspended as soon as you try to board a plane......

If you don't want to be searched by the police at a football game, don't attend

There is no breach of the Charter here.

Deerhunter, I did say that I didn't object to being searched by a security guard. I only objected to the police doing it. There is a difference between the two as I tried to explain.

At a football game, there is no difference between the two as far as their duties go...........they both take directions from the head of Tiger-Cat security.

Truth be known, out in the larger world, citizens have the power of search, seizure and arrest also.

I believe a citizen only has the power to arrest if there has been an indictable offence committed. I'd say the advice to most would be stay the hell away from anyone who's committing, or recently committed an offence of that gravity -- however, I do believe that's the only time a citizen has any policing powers.