How do I turn off the list of badges that appear under my profile sign in? Things like first emoji, first edit, etc.

I've been trying to figure that also. There should be an option to clear the list but I cannot find it.

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grinning:


Small item, I'm not practice squad, I'm a veteran, please rearrange :joy:.

Anybody know how these trust badges work? I just got the Hall of Fame badge. What did I do to earn it and does it unlock any special forum features?

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Congratulations. I don't think you get anything, but I do think maybe if you are a Hall of Famer, any fellow member whom you happen to meet is supposed to buy the first round.

Thanks, but with all this Covid-19 stuff going around I think I'll be drinking my own beer for a while. :beer: :wink:

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I am humbled to be in the Hall of Fame now too. Uh, thank you?

But also I got a badge today for being Out of Love, which I have thrown into the crap bin.

What a day, week, and month! And mercifully, it's a few hours from being history!

I don't mind these badges like some, but c'mon now that one is dumb so scrap it I say. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can't apparently. "You'll take your medicine like a man and you'll like it too!" is the apparent policy.

yeah. I have no idea how I finally got the HoF.

bur hey, now all is right with the universe :slight_smile:

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Congratulations. How do you like the bar and the snack bar here in the Hall of Fame? The service and selection are excellent too.

They went first class with all that mahogany, maple and brass too. :grinning: