Bad Year For Training Camp Injuries?

Does there seem to me more Training Camp Injuries this year compared to other years? I know the Lions have a few. I also read that Saskatchewan was starting to accumilate more. Is it me, or are there more injuries this year?

Seems Edmonton has a few, as well. Sounds like Tucker is still taking it easy, and Braidwood was injured. And apparently Kelly is now injured... and he was supposed to be good. Hopefully they're just minor issues.

Monday, June 9th/08.

The day Chief first excused, by injury, the continued losing trend of the evil empire.


Nope, I don't believe he did.

Now kel, in all fairness, I wouldn't tag Chief with that one. I found Chief to be pretty fair in regards to a lot of his Eskie stuff.

Now, there are a couple of other Eskies posters, well, Blast away!

Still ticked I made fun of your Celtics, "kel"?

I didn't give any excuses. Sporty asked if anyone had noticed a large amount of training camp injuries, and I listed a few for the Eskimos.

But I'm sure you'll come back with some crap about how that was just a joke... a joke that once again no one found funny. I know the old saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," but you just need to give up, man. Comedy is not your strong suit. :wink:

Your propensity for making fun of championship teams is becoming of you. Backpedalling, however, is not.


'Scuse me, Chief? Yes, I have a question of you, providing you don't mind, of course. Were you backpedaling? Sure didn't seem so to me, but please, correct me if I'm wrong, Chief....

Well, "kel" is very seldom wrong, so I guess I was backpedaling... :frowning:

Silly me…I forgot “kel” is the awesome voice of reason we have all come to respect on these boards.

Thanks Chief! I'm glad some of you can recognize my knowledge, commitment, dedication, and fandom of all sports. It's my general observation that if one displays an astute knowledge of sport(or any topic really) the jealous types clamour and claw at anything they can to discredit that knowledge. And the beat goes on...


PS Thank you as well jm02!

Dont forget his overwhelming modesty

I think you meant "non-existent"...


If you got it... flaunt it. I wouldn't dare deny the CFL fans my perspective, they have earned it over the years. I'm just giving back to the community that helped me along all these years.


Oh, and how we appreciate your perspective. Of course, you don't really give us a choice considering you jam it down our throats.

flaunt your modesty?
Can you say oxymoron?

Wow, if what you've got to flaunt is what you're bringing to this table, I wouldn't be so quick to boast of it if I were you...maybe you should rethink your gift to others, m'kay?

Can I play mod for a day? :lol: :lol: :lol:


How are the other teams faring on the injury front so far?

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