bad refs!!!

The refs have made 4 errors tonight: the pass interference call on Boulay. The play where a BC OL had Keron Willams tied up and another BC OL slammed into his knees (intent to injure) that was a non call. Calvillo moving his old shoulders before the snap and being called for procedure. Davis Sanchez being mauled as he was in front of the BC player trying to intercept the ball, no pass interference call.

And that was only the first half! Another great ref job!

But, Calvillo looks really slow and old tonight. If the Alouettes don't start with Brady in the second half, I predict the Als will lose!!! I am going on record.
Then in the second half, they called so many bad penalties against the Als, you have to wonder...

The refs made this game a last second thing. Bravo to the refs. They gave BC 6 downs. When Glen Constantin refs, the Als are 440%. Strange, because they are over 600% in every other game.

Bias, I do not know; look at the stats. Tonight's game they should have won easily, but good ole Glen, tried real hard to make it close. Again, look up the stats...

Stop making these ridiculous topics.

Supply them. It's your statement.

...jingle, jingle...

...maybe reffing wouldn't be an issue at all, if the Lions could hang on to the friggin' ball, eh CFLking?

The game was well reffed tonight. The Lions turnovers gave the game to the Al’s

...certainly opened the door...

Opened a door big enough to drive a couple of Mac trucks through...

...yes, but a team must capitalize on turnovers...turnovers in and of themsleves do not equal points...

It was increadible the Lions were only behind by 5 points with what?....5 turnovers. Reffing was decent a few questionable but overall if you can't drive the ball in at the 1 yard line in 5 chances seriously you deserve to lose! I love you Lions but I expect way better than this!

Very well put. When they still had time on the clock for their first try from the one, I was sure the Lions had the game. At each try, I thought "Okay, this time they have it". A combination of both incredible defensive execution and terrible offensive execution ... over and over again.

Rule 6 Sec 4: Article 2:

One forward pass on any down. If a second pass is thrown.

Penalty: L10 DR

To me that reads 3rd and 15 from the 19, not 1st and goal from the 1

Actually, wouldn't that have been from the 11? Since the penalty occurred on the 1?

...maybe not, but I did think that the refs screwed that up. But if they had gotten it right, and put the Leos on the 19, maybe the playcalling would have been better, and the Leos would have scored...


[url=] ... lebook.pdf[/url]

It's a referee judgment call if it falls under Rule 6, section 3, article 2 (offside pass in field of play) or section 4, article 3 (eligibility of passer)

If the ball is "directed towards the opponent's Dead Line in any manner other than being kicked", it falls under offside pass. If it's a forward pass, it falls under illegal forward pass (listed as an exception on the offside pass article).

If you've ever seen a shovel pass "flipped" forward in the same manner and classified as a legal or incomplete forward pass, you have to classify it as an illegal forward pass and assess the L10 DR penalty.

Rule 6, sec 3 is the appropriate rule here, not sec 4. If you were correct regarding the application of sec 4, there would be no need for sec 3 at all. Sec 4 deals with a legal forward pass which can only occur behind the line of scrimmage. And only one legal forward pass can be performed per play. Once the play crosses the line of scrimmage, no forward pass is legal, and sec 3 comes into play.There may still be some interpretation by the refs here, but generally, the way they called that play is correct and the way they always call that play!

Unless you read article 3 of section 4, when a forward pass occurs AFTER the ball crosses the line of scrimmage (eligibility of passer). (Article 2 covers 2 forward passes, both behind the line of scrimage -- an error on my part)

Here's how the illegal forward pass / offside pass duality work:


  • A pass' origin is where it leaves the passer's hand(s).
  • A pass' terminating point is where the pass is first touched or hits the ground.
  • An offside pass is when the pass' point of origin is closer to your own goal line than the point of terminiation.

So the pass in question is an offside pass. So is a regular forward pass from a QB.

On every offside pass, the officials determine if either:

  • the passer should have had a reasonable understanding that the pass originated from beyond the LS, OR
  • the passer could have had a reasonable understanding that the pass originated from behind the LS

If (1) was the ruling, it is an offside pass, subject to penalty. The penalty is that the play goes back to the point of origin of pass. AND there is NOT one more play if time expired, or it is a turnover on downs if on 3rd down, they didn't make yards.

If (2) was the ruling, and the pass was ruled illegal, it is a 10 yard penalty from the LS, down repeated.

Missed/bad calls go both ways every game - it’s just that obviously, as fans of one team, you’re only going to catch the ones that they missed for you. Geroy was interfered with but no call there.

Calls don’t make/break the game…good teams battle through the missed calls and still make it happen.

I really hate it when people whine about the refs…they’re there, on the field and have a much better take on things than we do at home (or, especially, in the stands). The refs are human and subject to human error. I feel they did a good job.

Agreed Deb, but if a refs call causes a team to lose near the end of the game can be frustrating. But they follow the rules and the rules are in place.

Go Bombers Go

Well I agree r & w...but I just feel that focusing on the refs undermines the job that the players do on the field. The players determine the outcome of the game, despite the calls. And that was proven during this game...the penalties gave the Lions every chance to seal the deal but the players didn't do it, despite the calls in their favor.

So I guess my point is that you have to take it all as part of the game and, as a reformed "ref blamer", I've come to understand that the calls go both ways. The difference lies in the players and who really wants the game more in the end.