Bad Refs again

Yes the Refs blow another game as a Montreal pass called complete bounces off the ground.As well as the non face masl against Hamilton and the non call on the push off it shows nothing has changed from last year,same ols b/s.

Um, the reason the ball bounced on the Montreal "catch" was because the Hamilton defender was interfering by grabbing the receiver's arm.

Even if they got the incomplete call right, they should have called pass interference, resulting in the same gain.

the refs were so bad on that one, that they actually go it right.

:? (I'm so confused...)


The ball hit the ground=no completion plus the push off and the non face mask-same crap as last year.

Refs were bad again tonite, I agree.

But I am sick of everyone blaming refs. Yes they do miss things. Remember they are part timers not making more than a thousand bucks a game. They are going to work on Monday just like you.

Even with the bad reffing. The Cats were winning with 82 seconds left.

Yes, some of those calls would have made the score different but at the end of the day, we were winning despite those calls and had a chance to close it out.

Who made more mistakes, the refs, or the TiCats..

Probably a toss-up but the refs' mistakes accounted for more Als points.

I would say the Cats for 2 reasons.

  1. Even with all the bad calls, the Cats were down by 1 and driving with less than 2 minutes to go and Dile forgets how to block, we take a loss on the play and are forced to make a 47 yard field goal. As Captain has said in other posts, we make a positive play and we get a first down and force Montreal to take a time out and we have to opportunity to take another 40 seconds off the clock.

  2. Even with the Dile situation, we were winning with 22 seconds left and had Montreal on their 35.

the most surefire way to find out who lost a game is to find out who is whining about the refs.

You're right. Of course that's because far too often bad reffing decides the game.

At this point, we all just accept bad reffing but at the end of the day, we do see things one sided. Some major calls were missed but there are many little things (like holding) that technically could be called on every play.

The players decide the game at the end of the day and in this game the players did as each team had its chance with less that 2 minutes to play put the deciding nail in the coffin. The Cats only put up 3 and didnt' take enough time off the board. MTL put up their winning 3 with no time left on the clock. Dems the breaks!

But they wouldn't have been in that situation had the refs not made the bad calls.

They also wouldn't have been in that situation if Cortez had challenged the "catch" by Green.

Those plays are what decided this game. Period. Saying, "Well, they were still in the game even with the mistakes" is like saying that the six turnovers didn't lead to the loss last week because despite them the team was still in the game near the end. Rubbish. Turnovers cost the Cats last week; terrible officiating and Cortez's ineptitude cost them the game this week.

We held Montreal to 3 points on the Green catch. Which is actually a win for the defense in my opinion. We give AC 2nd and 10 after the challenge and he gets a touchdown? The way Montreal was moving the ball in the 4th quarter, nothing was going to stop them.

As I have pointed out, the 6 turnovers did lose us the game last week but even with our offense playing poor, we were still in the game. We were tied at 25 late in the game and our defense couldn't stop anything.

I don't think terrible officiating or the challenge cost us. It was the defense. I have explained the challenge above and the terrible officiating is expected.

We were winning with 82 seconds left with Montreal on their 35. 45 yards given up in less than a minute is pathetic. Sorry but our defense is not good enough to win.

Thanks Captain .