Bad Referees

The CFL should look into the referee who made the bad calls during last Thursday's game vs the Lions. He might be betting on CFL games. lol!!!!!

The FBI will look into it and arrest someone in about two years after they work another 69 regular season games and the deciding game of a playoff series...

Maybe the Desjardin should hire former NBA ref Tim Donaghy...The boys of the Stoney Creek Attic...Let's cut Jason Mass...

All Sizzle
No Steak

Any one watching the ____s vs. Alouettes game? Talk about bad refereeing. Nice call on the Boulay interception. "Oops! I didn't see him back there so I will throw a flag to cover up my mistake!"

Yeah, Marcel's referee comments were completely unwarranted ... :roll:

  • paul


Few said unwarrented. Unwise? Absolutely. BTW that official should have to explain himself and at first blush should forfeit his job. The bad penalty in itself is forgivable but throwing it to cover a blown call puts the entire game into question

You'd think with the NBA crap going on the Ref's would be ALOT more careful of their calls!

Wow, that was a horrible call.