I just heard on Hamilton's CH how Morreale and Hitchcock, both "lifers" with the Cats will be cut officially tomorrow.
If so, this is the kind of publicity a 4-14 team does not need.
However it may very well be the "house cleaning" required in an apparent youth kick by the new coaching staff.

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it is True I am sad to say I was there today.
Coach Taaffe Came out half our late.
Mike and Hitch Never Came out.

It's bad but good at the same time, it looks to be a show that new/younger NI's are better.

Can't keep guys just because, they need to keep winning their spot.

It is actually great PR no? that the team is looking to Win this year.

Thanks Hamilton for Confirming my prediction that Hamilton will compete this year and Make it into the playoffs, Make it to the East finals and lose to the blue.

A huge improvement from 2006. Finish with 7-9 wins.

Hitchcock and Morreale were ~36 and 37. pretty old for football players(especially non-QB/K/P)

They were also the two oldest players on the team.

1-2 NI's starting at Receiver
Lumbsden at RB
3 NI's on the OL(up to 4)
2 NI's on the DL(up to 4)

total: 8 NI starters + possibly Safety(up to 12)

The NI depth this year for the Kitty Cats looks pretty good.

i think ti cats get 4, maybe 5 wins

Why is this move BAD PR?

It happens. Older players get cut to make room for the new young guys coming up. When Ticats created a whole new coaching staff, we knew that 'old loyalties' no longer existed.

I am a Ticat fan from WAY back. I've seen many of my favourites reach the point where they had to move aside. It happens. Live with it!

A certain amount of regret at their dismissal is to be expected, but accept that it is done to improve the team.

The 'good PR' will come with the much improved performance of my team this year. You heard it here, first.

Wise words Wilf. Sure Hitch and Morreale may be fan favourites, and they bleed black and gold, but to be honest they are both well past their "best before" date. Sad to see careers end, but suck it up gang it happens. Eventually someone younger, stronger, faster (and often cheaper) comes along and bumps a starter out of a job; it's life in the football world.

I agree, this isn't necessarily bad.

Were they cut because they're old? Bad PR.

Were they cut because they didn't have a good enough camp to make the team? Tough, but thats football. Its not bad PR to want to win.

Good & bad for sure. It means the Cats have upgraded with younger guys (good). Bad, that they couldn't coerce them into some kind of retirement. Maybe they tried ? Maybe both guys still want to play another year or two elsewhere ? Hard to call this one.

They were both told that they were no longer in the team's plans this year, and were basically asked to retire. Apparently they were even offered other positions with the club if they did. They decided that, since they feel their playing days are not over, they would rather be released and try to catch on with another team. Unfortunately, at their age it is unlikely that someone will sign them (which means releasing someone else), teach them a whole new system, and get what? One year, or maybe two, out of them? As I understand it, those "other positions" will still be available to them if they don't end up elsewhere.

It's sad to see a career end, especially for fan favourites such as these. But the team did exactly what they had to do. A 4-14 team can't afford to make decisions based on loyalty. They've clearly brought in younger and better players for those positions (keep in mind neither was a starter last year), and then gave these players that mean so much to the community an opportunity to go out with some dignity.

We'll miss these guys. Kudos to the Cats for handling it the way they did.

Yeah, I dont understand why this would be bad PR.

Players get old and get cut.

Everybody said it, 4-14!

They could cut half the team and i dont see how it would be bad PR.

You know what's bad PR?

Going 4-14 !

Desjardins and Taafe ran an honnest camp and they won't let "politics" ruin their reputation. I'm sure winning will do a lot more for the PR department then a couple classy guys who's time had come. They were offered to retire. They optioned not too so what else is Coach supposed to do?

Most veteran players get told in the off season
that they are no longer in the team's plans

They got told at the end of Training Camp.

What's the difference?

These 2 guys trained for the entire off season
and 2-a-day 3 hour practices for almost 3 weeks.

Some fans may not consider that bad Public Relations
but it can't be good for Personal or Private Relations.


The only positive is

bringing them to Training Camp
shows the coach must have felt

that the 2 of them likely had
enough left to make the team

unless some younger players
turned out to be too valuable
to be released from the team.

I agree with what BigDave said! :thup:

I notice from the most recent article that they are going to take some time and reflect on what has happened and what they will do!

I'm sure it was tough on everybody involved, but it was a football decision!

I think they are just showing that the Tiger cats are moving forward taking a new direction and possibly changing the face of the vets. After all these guys have not helped make this team win..

It's not bad PR to improve your team, but I must agree, the whole way it was handled was unusual. Long time members usually retire rather than accept getting cut, even coming out of retirement when an unlikey team gives them a call. To compare, long time Argo Mike O'Shea's days are numbered. My favorite player and a fan favorite, but the day will come when he's done. There is no way the Argos would cut him, he will retire and go out in a dignified way. I think that these guys might be a little bitter, fighting through camp, for this. It will be weird looking at their faces on the season tickets, LOL.

you know this is the reality of pro sports, guys dont get kept just because they are "lifers" with a particular team. teams cant afford to keep 30 somethings around just because. i had the pleasure of knowing these guys beyond the football field for ten years and people always say that "you'll never meet a better guy" well i'm here to say that this couldn't be more true for a couple of guys that were "separated at birth" and had their paths cross for some 15 years. its a sad day for the tiger-cat faithful but its time for the young guns to step up and take over rob and mike's team. JESSE, YOU'RE UP.

                  CITY LEGEND

this message is for caretaker, i really hope for your sake that your g.m. has a master plan for this team because one pre season victory does not mean a damn thing as we've seen before all your fans start anointing him as this great "no nonsense"
guy, you still need to keep one thing in mind,he's never been a g.m. before. if you just look at the dismantling he's done in the last six months, i really hope he's got a master plan...FOR YOUR SAKE.

no, i'm sure everything he's done so far has just been for s#its and giggles.

remember.... he hasn't just been dismantling.
he's also been..... mantling.

Well you always hope guys know when to hang 'em up.
Unfortunately, as often as not, that is not the case.
Look at poor joe Montford last year, cut not once but twice, by the same team, sitting at home listening to the so-called pundits on CBC and TSN rambling on every week about how he can still play, and should be playing and how surprising it is that he wasn't playing.
Now that was tragic.... his only contribution was to get ejected from his game that he did play. A lot of Rider fans wanted him, and I still dont know why.. he was done last year, it was amazing how everyone thought he could still play.

As for Hitchcock and Morreale, these might not be the only two "vets" to get their walking papers. I think you will see a lot of guys get cut, who thought they were safe. Hamilton wont be the only team to let some veteran guys go. Some teams did this in the offseason, but IMO, there are still more guys who might be pushed out the door.