Bad petition!

This says Canada should get a NFL team because well, here I'll C+P it.

"Canada is renowned as a hockey playing country however Canada has proven their loyalty time and again to the other professional sports they have.

Canada currently has the CFL but this league is nothing in contrast to the NFL. The HFL has 50 cameras trained on every play in every game. One second of air time costs 83 000 dollars in the super bowl. One Second!

I believe that even on a provisional basis, this idea would be an immediate sucess.

R V"

Im signature #3. Join in and sign to set them strait!

Ill sign if the petition is telling them to buzz off.

never mind don't sign it. just say what you think here.

I assume the petition is to get a team

Yeah, I think they are syaing Canada should get a team because we "only" have the CFL. I bet they haven't even seen a CFL game.
I hate this line the most: "Canada currently has the CFL but this league is nothing in contrast to the NFL".

That is why I was suprised that you seemed to want us to sign!

sporty, you should put the quote from the website in...well...quote tags.

i signed....#6 guys realize that by attaching your name to a petition, even if you respond with a negative comment, that you are considered to be supporting the cause, right??

They will look at the amout of people who signed, not what they wrote!

Yeah, I'll edit and do that now.

Talk about inaccuracies....50 cameras? Yeah Right. I beleive 16-18 is closer.

Won't waste my time

They had about 40 cameras for the super bowl. From an article written in September of 2003 they said they used an average of 10 cameras.

Also in an article written in 2004 by Aikmen he said:

Another replay issue I always point to is the number of cameras at each game. League rules say the networks must have at least seven cameras for all NFL regular-season games. We usually have 12 cameras on our crew. There are as many as 14 for the Sunday and Monday night games. So it really varies based on the audience for a particular game.

since when did more cameras make the better league?

I not sure whether by even voting for the obvious NO, we are not giving them more time then they deserve. The 15 seconds of fame is up.

Thanks for the clarification roughyfan

As of this point, a week after the petition was created, only 8 people have signed...AND FIVE OF THOSE ARE OPPOSED!!!

The guy calls himself "R.V."...but I wonder if a more accurate name isn't..."P.G." :shock:

There is only one way I would ever want an NFL team in Canada and that has to do with how Paul Tagliabue sees it also I believe from his SB state-of-the-union address. He stated this year the words Canadian Football League and the CFL commissioner, the first time I've heard him say this. And this is very significant. He said no expansion in the foreseeable future even if LA gets a team and then an odd no. of teams. Maybe a one off regular season game but only if this is in relation to the CFL's wishes and aspirations.

So, this is where I stand, a one-off game or even an NFL team, as long as it helps the CFL in some way grow and be prosperous. This is Paul Taglibabue's vision also. I think he took a dagger this year to Paul Godfrey and basically stated I deal with the CFL commissiioner buddy, not you, and I don't care how much money you or Rogers or MLSE have, I don't care! A petitiion like this means zilch.

That petition is crap, don’t post, it done by Paul Godfery (wake up dude, your not “god”), no doubt.

CFL is Canada’s pro league, it’s the only league that you can say is truly Canadian, and that’s how it should be.

“Aussie in Birth, American in Natural, Canadian in Heart”

Keep working on that phrase KK.