Bad P.R

One cant help but be dismayed at CFL media and CFl people themselves, and their bad Pr ,re Austins comments after loss to EE,s- “we are not that good” or comments like - “we played bad”- or" we make to many mistakes"- IMHO this is all bad pr, and the bog should do something, Why not compliment the opposition who beat you, stop degrading the product in after game interviews :cowboy: --?

Post-game interviews would become even less relevant than they already are if they were basically scripted.

Austin is a rookie and it is obvious. He needs to be careful or he will lose his team in the locker room. There are comments he could have made that would be less demeaning to his team no doubt. But the first thing he should have done is congratulated the Eskimos for the win. I am sure he will learn in time.

Austin could not have been harsh enough on his team, imo - they totally collapsed in that game, and deserved to lose....and although I didn't hear his post-game comments, I do agree that congratulating the opposition is a classy thing to do. He'll learn....

I dont think he is in any danger of "losing" his team in the locker room.
Then again what do I know?

It was a frustarting loss, let him blow off some steam! Was he supposed to bake cookies and spout on about how great the CFL is? Losses like that happen in every sport, the NFL...that's what makes sports, or frustrating!

Why would any coach say the other team is better?
that's saying your team is worse and can't be better.

Simply saying your team didn't play at 100% means you can beat that team but it was mental errors that went wrong.

If he comes out and says: their better then us, then you just told your fans they might aswell not show up for the next two games as well your team will lose again.

Well they weren't worse than us