Bad Officiating

When will the offiating ever do a proper job, this is why the CFL is such a bush league. When the refs take over the game from the players it gets real pathetic and real frustrating. I have never seen such a bad show of refing in my life, truely BUSH league, but I still love the CFL more than the NFL, but I'm not sure about buying season tickets again!!!! I'm just tired of all the really bad calls and taking the game away from the players!!!!!

Officiating will always be questionable when you consider the refs dont have the same over head vantage point that most fans get and they dont get the benefit of replays every play. How can someone see everything from the right angle every time? They are human, mistakes are made and stuff is missed. Thats sports, deal with it.

Why bother calling the league bush because of reffing? Reffing is sketchy in every sport and its a necessary evil we must accept. At least the refs havent been caught fixing games.

I bet you that if you hit any forums for any sport/league you will get the same ref complaints.

Question is, when will the crying about refs stop?

NFL has had some seriously disgusting calls this year so far. I have seen refs this year in NFL miss blatant calls while reviewing the replays and miss a more than blatant offside that may have cost the Chargers a game. Reffing is tough either way in NFL and CFL.

Ive never seen a CFL ref screw up a coin toss thats all I will say.

I hate that term.

Each thread that comes up on this, I think, boy do people have standards for others that they would never apply to themselves. If the CFL is bush league because of its refs, there are only bush leagues, period. The one downside of television is that the viewers get to see many angles, many times in slow and fast motion. There may be, what, 5 or 6 refs (I forget what the crew size is) on the field but its not like each on can be seeing all things on all spots on the field at all times. That's just not the case. There are 24 players and 5-6 policing them - if there was one per player, it might be better in terms of calls but a killer in terms of excitement - ya gotta give to get so give it a break and you'll get some inner peace. Looking at the Calgary-Riders game, sure there were a few mistakes, but overall was pretty darn good for reffing.

...says a fan of the winning team. :wink: