Bad news!!!

Well it looks like Avery is gone for 10 days.
The bad news is that he isn't gone for the year!!!
Why couldn't he be gone for the rest of the year?
I don't wish injuries on anybody.However I don't Avery back in the double Blue.

I understand what you mean. I don't wish anyone any injury, but when Darrel Crutchfield was out earlier this season, things were going well. I wasn't this excited to see him get back in the starting line-up.

STALA, was just awesome…at first it looked like he wasn’t going to play…but then he came in and the rest is MONTREAL football history.

Back To Avery For A Moment If I May. The Argos, And Kent Austin Don't Use Him Properly, He's A Breakout Back Not A Smashmouth Up The Gut Type Of Guy. With The Argos Having The By Far Worst O-Line In The League He's Not Going To Get Big Openings Running Up The Middle Like Most Of Our Running Plays Are Designed To Do. The Key To Using Avery Affectively Is To Run Swings And Screens. The Thing That The Argo Organization Did Right Was Picking Up Millington For Inside Runs And As A Run Blocker Now We Just Need To Use Him For That. All Of Our Inside Running Plays Need To Go To The FB. Have The Recievers Block For Avery, Miles, Bruce, Talbot, And Palmer Are The Guys That I Want Blocking In The Open Field Allowing Avery To Break Out Big Gains.

Avery's talent is totally being wasted by the Argos. He can absolutely kill an opposing defense if given the chance.

Remember he rushed for over 1400 yards in 11 games for Edmonton a couple years back? His performance has declined drastically since then, and you can't blame it on his age or injuries.

Kent Austin baby!! Well that may be an overstatement. He is a good Offensive Coordinator, however I do agree that he is not using Avery properly. Avery has shown his incredible ability to dodge and break tackles once he gets his speed up, but he is usually running right into the backs of his linemen to start his run out only getting a couple each time. Then there was that one time in saskatchewan when the Riders were backed up to their own Goaline and Argos had 1st and one maybe two. They gave it to Damon Allen all three times the same play until he fumbled and lost possession. Avery was a bit pissed (can i say pissed on here?). Kent should watch the plays Avery does that works and find out why they work then work with that. From what I hear though Kent Austin is kind of a hard ass (can i say ass on here?)

With Avery and millington both out, Jeff Johnson looked very hot against Montreal. :smiley:

Who didnt look hot against the lethargic Montreal team.

Embarrassing and in front of 50,000 yet. What a time to crap
the bed. Poor third wont post for a week. He'll calm down by
then. LOL

Eskylo, if you are fair enough, you will admit that I always showed up after my bird losses. And, as I told in another post, I don't mind losing when the brids did not even tried. Victories are not something you can get just for dressing up. You have to work too.

With injuries to Avery and Millington, the Argos may just have discover something good. Jeff Johnson is your fullback, right? How come you guys never use him? He looked like a littler Hummer.