Bad news for Bruce Willis

It's not hard to spot them really . Just look for their stupid ass red baseball hats and equally dumber flags and shirts . :slightly_smiling_face:

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So I can call a black man the n word because it’s better to have it out there? That is not for anyone else to judge? I agree with that statement for most things, but there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. You’re not convincing me.

You can do that if you like. See where it gets you. But if you are not trying to be hateful, why would you say that? Let those who wish to be hateful say those things and see where it gets THEM. Not only with those who are their targets but also with their targets' friends.

There are many people who shouldn’t be passing on their views to their children, but we generally allow it. Some don’t want to get their kids vaccinated and others don’t want them to have running water or electricity or blood transfusions. It’s a myth that parents always know what’s best for their own children. They are emotionally involved and can’t make an objective decision as easily as someone else. I am not advocating that they shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions, but if they were always right there would be no need for child and family services.

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If they think they will get away with it, they will. Many will want to. YouBet

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Knowledge is power. Censorship simply limits knowledge. Keeps us in the dark.

The old knowledge is power saying again. Not always correct and overrated.

Don’t know if you are a Game of Thrones fan but there is a brilliant scene that proves this.

Baelish meets Cersei when she is with her armed guards. Baelish tries to manipulate her and tells her that knowledge is power. Cersei then orders her guards to kill him on the spot. She calls them off at the last minute and tells Baelish, who just shit his pants, that he’s wrong and that actually power is power. She is correct and I would say that is borne out by history.

I'm thinking not in this situation . Losing your hair is one thing but losing your ability to talk and verbalize and communicate is an entirely different ball of wax .

You need to define power first. In your thrones example, what was referred to as power was really just brute force, which is the opposite of power. Power is getting the same job done with as little force as possible. Influencing with brute force is simply bullying, which is Borne of fear, which actually the opposite of knowledge and hence the opposite of power.

I think the point is that brute force or overwhelming physical power is more determinative than knowledge. It has been throughout history and I would say still is today. You can know more than the US or obtain sensitive knowledge about them but that will do diddly for your country if they release the nuclear kraken. Power is power.

It has so far but only because people by and large do not realize that brute force is NOT the most powerful thing. Once they do, it will change. So far we mostly choose fear over empowerment but that is starting to change. But we won't change by staying in the dark.

For instance, our wars. We agree to go to war because we believe the reaons that our governments and media tell us why we're going, but those are lies. If we REALLY knew the truth of why we go to war, we would never go. The knowledge of why our institutions want war empowers us to choose not to go to war because it does not serve us or our best interests in the slightest. If the people choose not to go to war, there's nothing that the governments can do to force us.

That's too bad I liked Bruce's work when he worked on A type movies .

The B movie stuff was awful lately . Lot's of name only or be a face to a cover /poster type stuff .

But if he was given something good to work with he was great .

Number one for me is

Pulp Fiction


12 Monkeys


Unbreakeable ( Glass)



lastly the

Sixth Sense .

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Yes I enjoyed those as well. My fav BW movie I think was The Last Boy Scout.

Your opinion is "suck it up" and go for it, but that does not make such behaviour okay and I do not agree with you at all that it should be endorsed or allowed by the public as in via government.

Whether such speech that targets a disability (permanent or temporary matters not in this respect) arises to criminal sanction is up for debate in Canada though not the case in the US, and speaking from the American side I would not argue for criminal sanction short of any role in direct violence or inciting such as would make it fair game for criminal charges much as would any speech otherwise. Civilly all bets are off in either country for civil defamation and libel or slander.

This matter is not necessarily as simple as you make it sound. Hair means different things in different contexts. Losing hair naturally is not the same as losing it to an ailment or a disease. One can argue case by case in the legal system, but at the core it's all discrimination based on a disability when somebody loses their hair to ailment or disease as opposed to simply going bald naturally.

We can certainly hope so, but usually there is always one to FYB's excellent point.

Agree it's not ok but hey, but it's going to happen and continue to happen as jerks are always out there and they will continue to throw insults at people. It's going to happen. And if you hear it by your own ears, it's best to walk away and be resilient, you can't fight everyone back verbally or otherwise over every insult you hear about yourself.
Not sure what you mean by endorsed. I don't endorse it but that doesn't mean it should be illegal for a comedian to make a joke of someones physical appearance or if they have an illness. Bad taste and I wouldn't pay to go see such a comedian but illegal? Where do you draw the line exactly on free speech?
Hey, I'm no lawyer and I don't know how slander or libel and defamation is defined in a court of law here in Canada in such circumstances. Don't know.

It'll be a guy.

I predict that a tipsey comic with a killer thought in his head who misreads his audience will be "the first ahole comedian" to cross the line. His audience will let him know it too.

If you tell most comics that he or she can't make up jokes about something or someone they're going to do it anyway (because that's how their minds work). Most of those jokes will never see the light of day unless there's a moment of weakness. Then the boo's will rain down.

"So other than THAT Mrs Lincoln... how was the play?"

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most of todays stand-ups could not have been any good 50+ years ago.


These types of "comedians" are jerks and not worth a nickel to see them "perform". They should be booed, not punched, but booed.

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Go ahead and boo them, then. You are free to do so, are you not? And by that same token anyone else is free to laugh or applaud, no?