Bad news for Argos' Williams (the other one)

Bernard Williams faces sexual assault charge

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This is absolutely shocking, considering the angelic team he plays for. Wonder if we'll see him on Monday?

i would rather wait to hear all the facts before we make a judgement. there is alot of crazy woman out there.

Do we have anymore troublemakers we can trade for a third rounder or a backup special team about Wayne Smith...Lets help build the Argo OLine. :roll:

Wonder if we'll see him on Monday?
It says it right in the article:

“We believe in the presumption of innocence as Bernard faces this charge in the courts,? the Argonauts said in a statement.

In other words, unless his butt is in the cooler, he will be starting.

Well yeah, but that's a pretty big "unless", given what it says in the previous paragraph: "Toronto police today arrested Williams"

I sense a bit of sarcasm here?

Gotta love the Argos and their "Stop the Violence" program.

I am so tired of Pinball and his bullsh**. I hope he runs for Mayor of Toronto because he is certainly qualified.

What an act he has. And the rest of the CFL buys into it.


Yes, but read carefully now. Note the statement "Williams has been charged with one count of sexual assault."
If it were 5 or 6 counts, i would be worried. With 1 count only, I suspect it is someone trying to make a quick buck.

In my books, Williams stays innocent, until proven guily.

The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

I guess that's one way to look at it. However that one individual is someone's daughter/sister/mother ... (Actually, I'm not going to explain why sexual assault is serious - either you realize this or you never will)

Anyone trying to make a quick buck would be well advised to start hanging around Raptors, Leafs or Blue Jays rather than Argos.

Ya, you have to hate a man who has encouraged his players to make over 300 appearances in schools over the last year.

You have to hate a man for putting his time and money where his mouth is and donating as much to charities as he has over the last decade and a half.

You have to hate the fact that his organization raised $100,000 this year to donate to four charities that are hands on in the community to help get guns off the street.

What an act. What an embarassment.

How brutal. What bull****.

Pinball Can't be Everywhere
He not a Baby Sitter He is a Football Coach..
Players need to be Responsible for there actions

Good point…

How brutal. What bull****.
Are you talking about diesel's response?

the guy is 6'9'' 300 lbs., did he think he could get away and blend in with the rest of the population?

It`s an acusation at this point , lets see what happens first .

As y'all know, I'm an Argo fan and would love to see him play on Monday but I think the team should've suspended him until he's either found guilty or exonerated. I know legally, it's innocent until proven guilty but ethically it's a different thing.

On the other hand, maybe she was a TiCat fan trying to get him suspended.

An Argo fan

obviously sexual assault charges are a serious offence i dont think anyone would disagree with you expat but its a slippery slope if you want to assume guilt first. anyone can make a accusation. it is niave to think that woman or just people in general arent capable of that. A perfect example is the mess that occured on the duke lacrosse team. everyone that wanted to jump on the hate train and hang those boys are looking prettty stupid now. lets wait and see the facts. i dont think any person or girl should have the power to take a guy out of a game because of an accusation. thats ridiculous. i hate the argos like everyone else but i think everyone deserves the presumption on innocence.


sorry bout that it posted 3 times

I believe in presumption of innocence too. Keep in mind however that this is not the U.S., and police here generally do not lay charges unless there is a certain amount of evidence.

Here’s a couple of updates:

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It is alleged that Williams, 34, met a 21-year-old woman at a downtown Toronto nightclub Monday night. He left with the woman and went to the home of the woman's friend in the Rathburn Rd. and Renforth Ave. area in Etobicoke, according to sources. After an alleged sexual encounter some time after 3 a.m. Tuesday, police began to investigate.
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Toronto police said a victim was sleeping in her home near Rathburn Rd. and the 427 on Tuesday around 6 a.m. when a man came into her bedroom and sexually assaulted her.

She woke and escaped and was later treated and released at hospital, police told the Sun.

The Star article goes on to mention an old interview with Williams from 2003:
He spoke openly with reporters about his marijuana use, saying he'd outgrown the habit and attributing that maturity to his wife, Lee Ann, then an assistant district attorney.

“I live with a prosecutor, so I can’t do too many things I did when I was young,” Williams told the Star at the time. “She definitely looks after me. She keeps me in line.”

I’m not sure if he’s still married, but I hope his wife is as supportive as Kobe Bryant’s.