Bad Luck bomber fans

that was rough at the end for all of you guys, I was watching the end of the game and couldn't believe they were not giving the ball to Roberts....then they ended up turning it over, and then throwing two interceptions...should have gave it to roberts first down and chewed some clock while they were in field goal range...that was a pure coaching error, tough luck guys, it looked like you had it in the bag, that game pretty much sealed the ticats fate of making a late season run ( even though it was basically impossible in the first place lol)

Doug Berry's coaching decisions are beginning to match the stupidity of Danny Maciocca's!

…worse…he’s beginning to look a lot like Daley…3 straight losses at home…2 weeks to rest against a team with 5 days…and that’s what we come up with…bullshi$ :thdn:

Bombers could have got a field goal. They were so close. They should have had Roberts at hand. I was disappointed the argos won, even though they did put up a good fight at the end. That was an intense 4th quarter I must say. Oh well to bad for the Bombers. Tied for second guys.

Suitor might be right, Berry was punishing Quinn...bad move on his part for sure. I actually can see a break in the clouds, Steegall n Jones will be back and we didn't play all that bad, except for a couple of major screw ups...Go Bombers..