Bad guys in football

To get a bit of perspective on Vick, I suggest you read "Pros and Cons" by Benedict and Yaeger. I read it a couple of years ago and it was an eye-opener. Here's a blurb on the book from

When the authors checked a sample consisting of a third of the players on National Football League teams during the 1996/97 season, they discovered that 21 percent had been arrested or indicted for serious crimes ranging from fraud to homicide. Upon investigating the specific instances behind the statistics, they uncovered a disturbing trend?the NFL continues to employ players with multiple arrests and multiple convictions, just as long as they are capable of playing winning football. About the only thing that drew official sanction was the public revelation of extensive gambling activity because that was perceived as casting doubt on the integrity of the game. Benedict is the author of Public Heroes, Private Felons (LJ 10/15/97), and Yaeger has authored or coauthored a number of sport-related books. Terry Madden, Boise State Univ Lib.

Obviously, there's an awful lot of "looking the other way" in the NFL and probably the CFL too.

An Argo-Cat fan

Those are staggering numbers.
Especially for a game where most players go to college before playing Pro.
For comparison purposes, I wonder what the NHL and MLB percentages are?

My guess would be that only the NBA approaches the NFL numbers. Could it be that there is a serious problem with taking kids out of the ghettos and pampering them as the NCAA does compared to the tough road of the minor leagues of the NHL and MLB. Personally I feel every pro athlete benefits from playing in the minors before hitting the big time. It appears to give life lessons PRIOR to the big bucks of the majors

The money involved in sports leagues down south is obviously the leading factor as to why these guys get away with things.

Michael Vick makes what? 130 million dollars last I heard, so there's going to be a lot of people trying to help him get out of this because they need him so they can make money. The owner is paying him 130 million so that he can sell tickets and merchandise and all that other junk. Add it all up and Vick should put more than the 130 million in the owner's pocket.

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There seems to be plenty of bad guys from all pro leagues but just a quick scan of the above list sure makes it look like the NBA and NFL lead the way.