Bad game!

This game will be a brutal game tonight between Toronto and Hamilton! These are the two teams with the worst QBs in the league! No offense tonight I guess.

Or we could start a second thread...

Actually it was pretty good. Both qbs showed at times why they won MVPs

It was a fantastic game. Choke on it!

A pathetic game out of Tornto actually. They look brutal. Joseph looks terrible. They won't win games with this QB contraversy. When the Argos scored their one TD, they showed Bishop right away and he looked mad that Joseph led them to a TD. This looks like a team ready to implode.

The game was hardly a CFL classic. But congrats to Hamilton. They didn't look like the same team from week 1.

Toronto dropped far too many passes tonight, and their defense was brutal.

If one QB is mad that the other QB led their team to a TD, then there is a problem. Bishop did look mad after KJ scored.

I noticed that too.

Great win by by the Ti-Cats though. Looks like they're not going to lay down this year for anybody.

Bishop reminded me a bit of Printers stewing on the sidelines in BC when he was backing up after his MVP season. No cell phone but same look on his face.

ya I agree but Bishop is in a tough spot. All the teams have starting QB's that they are satisfied with, and now his team that he lead to the Eastern Final went out and got a QB to take the starting role, so now after a pretty good season he has to sit on the bench, I would be pissed to

I can see him being upset at the situation, but if he was mad that Joseph scored a touchdown, then that shows that his primary concern is not the team.

The Argos should get rid of him. Maybe they can trade him for a decent running back. Or a middle linebacker to replace that fossil they have in there.