Bad football

Plain and simple.....Thats just bad football.
Some of you blame the OL and some blame Mass and some blame play calling. Heck its all bad. Mass still can't throw long or accurate and the OL does stink at times and the play calling down 22-2, 3rd and goal from the 6 and they kick a field goal...hello. Are you hoping for the bad oysters to kick in for Toronto. Come on give the fans something, not just high priced tickets and over priced draft beer. 28000 last night and not one trick play. It was really quiet. The fans can't take much more, 2 years plus and still the same stuff. Fake a punt, throw a bomb, try an onside kick, whats the worst that can happen....we lose 45-5. A loss is a loss 1-0 or 50-0 its all the same.

I think Mass is finished. Physically he cannot throw, he is slow a foot, and can't avoid the rush.

We do need something exciting as you mentiioned.

Too much of the same each year. ie30 yard passes across the field, hung up in the wind for a three yard gain. Assumming they are caught and the receiver not wiped out forever.