Bad Football is better than No Football !!!

Let's not forget that we almost lost this franchise a couple of times over the last 15 years.

Last night was a glorious night for football ... a hint of fall in the air ... let's not be too hard on the Young regime ... he is allowing us to continue to enjoy the game and the team we love.

Things will get better ... we need to be patient. Hell, it was just a few years back that Winnipeg and Saskatchewan were the doormats of the league ... things can turn around quickly with the right moves and a little luck - remember 1997-1998.

I hope everyone has a great off-season and let's not get too down on OUR TEAM!

Your 100% right diesel....

your right, with a few changes we could be right back in the hunt next year, i am anticipating next season, can't wait! oski wee wee! good bye and good riddance 2007 season! hello and welcome 2008!

It seems like a black cloud has been
lifted from over our heads, deisel27.

All I see is clear sky ahead.

Mark this day in Tiger Cat history.

   November 5th 2007

I’m just curious why firing this GM is different than the others?

Cause he was the worst? lol sorry, it was too easy.