Bad Eskimo P.R.

I have to agree with Chrish Schultz of TSN in the Case of Edmonton GM Ed Hervy you do not publicly Rip into a player like Simeon Rotteir like he did on Tuesday, listen all players make mistakes but as a GM or coach you pull the player aside privately and discuss what went on in the game and how to correct it for next time you don't publicly Rip into a player and make that player isolated from the rest of the team. I'm sure there are other reasons why the Eskimos lost besides one guy who may have missed an assignment or two, losing is something that has been going on a long time in Edmonton this season!

If you listen to Hervey. He states that they've talked to him over and over again. They are done talking. It is a brave new world, players say whatever is on their mind about anything and anybody but management can't. It is a much different environment than when Schultz was playing over a decade ago.

I disagree, you still don't single out a player through the media, it's airing your dirty laundry in public and not good P.R. remember GM's and Coaches are expected to be leaders on a team if a player says something bad about a team or coach does it make it right for the management to do the same?

Same thing in Winnipeg, if Buck Pierce screws up and he has in the long run it will be Tim Burke that will take the blame because he decided to go with Buck in the first place as his starter for the year, but Burke isn't saying it's all Buck's fault and he's not naming names, he's saying it's a teams lack of effort that is why we are losing games.

Look at the case of Hamilton, Rey Williams was mad as hell that Kent Austin cut him loose and Aired his disapproval but Austin kept his cool and said it was a team decision that we felt was best in moving forward, professional answer I'm sure he could have said something else knowing how Williams felt but he didn't and that reflects much more positive on his players and team overall.

I'm with you on this one Bigcat. Bad form by Hervey.

If they're done talking, then why are they still talking? Hervey's the GM, he should let his coach talk to the players. If it becomes necessary for him to get involved, let him do it with actions.

Yeah I've always been against that. Its a team effort. It might be a teammate that's setting that player up every time, who knows what the whole story is once you break it down.

I'd have to say I'm against them doing that, not cool.

I agree and I am very disapointed in Hervey. Refuses to deal with the real issue, bad coaching and deflects by blaming Rottier. Terrible.

Same thing in Winnipeg, if Buck Pierce screws up and he has in the long run it will be Tim Burke that will take the blame because he decided to go with Buck in the first place as his starter for the year, but Burke isn't saying it's all Buck's fault and he's not naming names, he's saying it's a teams lack of effort that is why we are losing games.
Burke said in a media scrum a couple weeks ago that he doesn't make the decisions about who plays QB from week to week ... and I was like HUH? What the heck does that mean?

Lost a lot of respect for Burke when I heard that.

Instead of singling out one player publically and humiliating him,just cut or release the player and state that your moving in a new direction and bringing someone else in to replace him.Last time I looked there was 46 players on a roster.Hervey makes it sound like 45 are doing their job and 1 player isn’t. What ever happened to the old saying “win as a team…lose as a team”.If the Eskimos sorry 1-8 record is all about 1 O.L. and nothing else,this team is in a sorrier state that we think. :thdn:

Firts the Reed Breakdown and now Hervey making a lot of statement in the media that should have not been made. The isues are there no doubt but but to announce things like that in the media shows the bad leadership that is happening.
You just do not announce such things in public as it makes for an organization to look disorganized and not very professional. If Rottier has been told about this in house anouncing it to the media will not help the matter.
Since the consequences breakdown instead of making it public removing Rottier from the line up may have been a better move to make.
Many will sya they do not have anyone to replace him but if he is playing that terrible it is Herveys job to find such a player that can. That would be a consequence. Your not playing up to par for whatever reason we will replace you.
Actions speak louder than words.
The reason why Hamilton is continueing to improve is that Austin is not talking he is doing. While things in Hamilton are not perfect they are rounding into a nice team

On a related note... Who is calling the offensive plays in Edmonton? Nobody seems to know. Hervey is meddling again and saying it's not Sams (the OC). Sams says he is. Reed (the HC and one who SHOULD be making the decision) doesn't seem to be backing Hervey up, and in fact took something of a veiled shot at him about the "Eskimo way being to keep things in house".


There's a difference between being a dumbass player who tweets something stupid or calls a guy out than upper management doing it. Its a professional thing. Its like work. If a coworker calls you out whatever when your boss does it its slightly less professional. I don't think Hervey has a lot of experience in management and it shows. He's used to being a player where something like this is slightly more acceptable

Riders17, it's still very unprofessional and you don't do it, the message sends a bad image about the team to the fans, other players and league. Ed Hervey is very desperate because it's his own fault that the Eskimos are losers and he and Kavis Reed should be given the boot, they are way over their heads!!

I don't agree with it when players do it, I just don't believe it to be as bad when a player does it. Completely unprofessional move by Hervey IMO. He had a chance to improve an obviously bad oline in the offseason and didn't. His mess to clean up not Rottier's

1 - If they have been talking to him over and over again then logically that means that they have not been happy with his play for several weeks.

2 - If they have not been happy with his play for several weeks, then they should have been choosing someone to push him for his spot on the chart.

3 - If they had found someone to push him for his spot on the chart then they would only need to go ahead and make the change, sit Rottier for the new guy, no public rant needed.


But according to Rottier he has been taking all his normal reps in practice so far, so this means that either Rottier wasn’t as bad as Hervey makes him out to be, or Hervey has not found a suitable replacement for Rottier despite knowing for SEVERAL WEEKS that Rottier has not been meeting expectations. Either way, it’s all on Hervey.

Let’s compare this to the Alouettes. Scott Flory goes down to injury in the middle of the 2nd quarter. No warning (as opposed to several weeks), their best guard is gone. Christian Matte steps in and takes over the spot. He may be a (near) rookie not quite as good as all-star Flory, but he is a suitable replacement ready to go. Why? Because Popp has done his GM job and is prepared for any situation at any position.

What would happen in Edmonton if Rottier was playing well and then suddenly got seriously hurt? Does Hervey not have someone to step in? If so, couldn’t that guy step in now? Like the boys say on ESPN ‘C’mon, man!’

Popp has a plan. He is always prepared. Popp is PROactive.

Hervey is not on top of things. He is not prepared. Hervey is REactive.

And about players being able to talk all they want and executives have to stay quiet. That’s WRONG. Guys get CUT for tweeting injuries in training camp. Guys get fined for saying the wrong things. Sure, they have a little more leeway, but there lots of rules for what players can and cannot say.


Ed Hervey just blew-up his locker-room with those comments. Never, ever call out a player in Public - it shows poor judgement and a definite lack of common sense. Yeah, Simeon has not been playing well and deserves to sit for awhile but one really has to wonder why such a good player all of a sudden becomes a very bad player - could it be the coaching he is getting????

Besides, Hervey also said that Sams would NOT be calling the plays for Mike yet - there is Doug on the practice field Wednesday- and what is he doing? - calling the plays for Mike. Sheesh!


On yet another related note - Doug Sams was on the practice field on Wednesday and guess what he was doing - calling the plays for Mike.