Bad CFL owners

Someone in another thread recalled the late, not particularly lamented, Gleiberguys. . .

How about this for a trivia question. . . in an 8 team league, name 8 of the worst owners you could possibly have

I'll kick it off:

  1. The aforesaid Gleiberguys;

  2. Michael Feterik, with his good buddy Fred Fateri and his QB son Kevin Feterik in tow;

  3. Sherwood Schwartz, who thought hiring John Huard and that ol' fossil Forrest Gregg was a great idea;

Please fill in numbers 4 to 8. . .

Shows you what a dedicated CFL I am . . . currently I am in Ho Chi MInh City, Vietnam on a business trip. . . but yet I am still found posting on the CFL website. . . talk about dedication (or insanity).

  1. Nelson Skalbania for his "bring in NFL players at big money so they can underachieve and kill a franchise" ideas (and for likely causing Billy "White Shoes" Johnson to have an identity crisis when he discovered every player in the CFL wore white shoes at the time).

and for likely causing Billy "White Shoes" Johnson to have an identity crisis when he discovered every player in the CFL wore white shoes at the time


  1. While the media feasted on the Gleibermen's penchant for publicity, there is no denying they loved the CFL, owning 3 different teams. They were responsible owners who didn't leave a trail of debts, but were perhaps misguided. The Ottawa media seemed determined to run the Renegades out of town, and mercilessly savaged the previous ownership also. Mission accomplished.

  2. Feterik was a bad owner. Anyone who would buy a football team so his son would have a place to play bad. Anyone who would tarnish the reputation of Wally Buono and run him out of town, only to have Fred Frateri take his badder.

  3. I don't think Schwarz was a bad owner. He spent a boatload of money keeping the Argos afloat and was dedicated to the team, but was incompetent and hired the wrong people.

  4. Skalbania was a bad owner. He had no idea what he was doing and no money to do it with.

While there have been a few bad owners, perhaps there should be a list of good owners also, like a few of the current ones: Bob Young, David Braley, Bob Wettenhal, the ownership team in Calgary, the community owners in Edm and Sask...and even the community owners of the Bombers, who've built up a $5 million nest egg in their bank account, despite less than optimal conditions in Wpg...come to mind.

You have to think the Jeff Hunt group in Ottawa will be excellent if it ever gets off the ground there. I would hope the media there wouldn't run one of their own out of town.

No list of bad owners would be complete without the immortal Horn Chen.

How about Murray Pezzim?

at least he brought us the flutie brothers.

Norm Kimball

Me too :lol: :lol:

I can never read that name without hearing it in Howard Cosell's voice: "BILLY! WHITE-SHOES-JOHNSON!"

Sliding off-topic. who was the first CFL player to wear white shoes?

I believe it to have been a more or less obscure Montreal starting QB named Carroll Williams (early 70s if memory serves me); at the time O.K. Dalton was the Alouette head coach, and Williams was eventually supplanted as starting QB by the incomparable Sonny Wade.

This is a really bad thread.

Him and Bill Comrie were the worst out here in BC. Yes Pezzim brought in the Fluites, but also that “Flake” Mark Gastineau. Plus who could forget that farce of a wedding at centre field that Pezzim had with that 18 year old secretary.

Horn Chen RIP Roughriders.

whats the general feeling about larry rickman? I mean, he really brought football back to Calgary. before him, it was rick warmen and really bad jersies. he came in, he brought labour day back to a sellout, he brought in flutie... He was the type of owner that got calgary a grey cup. i think he still owes doug flutie money though.

Or do we judge him by his out of football actions that forced him to sell the stamps. to... i want to sat the owner of the hard Rock at the time. he also barked about building an NFL sized stadium near the airport.

i heard on the radio today, talk again about how the owners of the argos in the early nineties abondon the team. it was prety funny.

well, lets see. John Candy had the nerve to up and die in 94. Bruce McNall ended up in prison. Wayne was really a hockey guy. Abandon my ass.

Yea you got it: Canadianhothead the motion picture Movie in a theatre near you.

You mean Rough Riders. two words.

Well hothead, I can only say from afar that Ryckman did a lot of good in Cowtown. It's unfortunate it ended like it did.

It's too bad that over the years that too many rich men in Canadian sports found it easier to play with other people's money.