Bad call on the John Avery "non-fumble"!!!

I agree that there was no fumble, but, no whistle was blown to end the play.
The jumbotron cannot change a refs call. So, if none of the refs blew the whistle that means that no one saw the play. The Renegades deserved the touchdown - and the refs deserve more training!

you don't reverse any call or blow the whistle if there is a play still happening.

You do it after.........NONE OF US KNOW what was in the REFS MIND.........

It was NO FUMBLE, as you say.GREAT CALL.

ya, but the refs waited until it was shown on the jumbotron and the play was long over, and Ottawa was lining up for a PAT…hmmmm

Yes ,TORONTO is out to get is now ARGOS.......29.......OTTAWA..........18.

The ref had an epiphany. He was watching the ball being placed for the convert and thought to himself just wait I think Avery was down, maybe I should say something. Oh and look at that big screen, ooooh maybe he wasn't down. That confirms it I'm saying something.

a rider fan.........complaining about the REFFING............HOW SHOCKING. :shock:

It's true though. Toronto suck. But Ottawa sucks more right now. Your gonna see two western teams in the Grey Cup this year with the crossover.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Well at least you have a semi- decent football team. It's too bad the Stanley Cup won't be coming to Toronto for at least 5 more years - Senators RULE!!

Actually I've never complained about the reffing on here. But it's nice to see you're stereotypical.


Why am I a hyprocrite?

figure it out yourself.

let's all calm down,....and GROUP HUG!

No you called me a hyprocrite and there is no evidence that I am one so please explain. You just don't come on here and call someone a hyprcrite with no justified proof.

:roll: how about , you like fighting ? :roll:

History Was made tonight..the worlds first jumbotron replay used to reverse a touchdown on a questionable fumble... no ref bashing here folks just the facts...was it right or wrong? I have np problem with the refs reversing the call... but during the Convert? and after 3 replays? :shock:

Nope sorry doesn't make me a hyprocrite for saying you were stereotypical. Any other explanations?

I don't have to explain myself to you.......... :lol: but you do like fighting. :lol: :lol:

good night....... :lol:

I agree with you Dentor, aren't refs not allowed to look at the jumbotron? and they reversed the play nearly 3 mins after the TD as ottawa was lining up for the single. i think that was a bull**** call by the refs to reverse the original call that long after the play happened. I strongly believe that instant replay is needed in the CFL. If this cannot be implemented next season, I suggest re-training all the refs in the CFL so that shi*** calls like this dont happen again.