Bad bad showing

Nothing looks good today agains't Edm.

Including the green pants.

Crandel is not the answer long term or short term and he is just showing that to us. He has had a month to develop back into the starter and he has rarely if at all looked like he was fitting in. Time to let him go me thinks I don't think his heart is in the game.

Jyles 1-1. should of been 2-2, but Bowman drops the pass again. He won't get a look in the NFL that way.

feel bad for the defence been on the feild the entire game, Crandell has never done anything brilliant, most inconsistent QB i have ever seen, with him in the losses will continue, after this discrace he will be on the bench next week and i'm sure for a few more games. Coaching staff has to get there heads out of there ....

still playing cates with 3 minutes to go. Is Miller st----? Does he want cates to get injured yet.

Im starting to wonder about the offencive coaching they need to come up with some more creative play to slip the ball to cates but then again maybe im just talking B.S. cause im choked about this terrible performance how the hell did we win 6 straight........ oh ya Crandell only started one game

what the hell is cates doing still in the gam with seconds left.

The nightmare is finally over.

Well that was a stinker to say the least

I don't think the coaching was the problem. Palmer Bowman and Crandel were the problem along with everyone that was playing D-line today.

Well, that was so disgracefully bad I don't have words for it yet.

The receivers' inability to catch was surpassed only by Crandell's inability to throw.

He was awful.

Bowman is awful. Washington was a waste of a pre-game meal - they haven't thrown a ball his way in 2 full games. The import WR airlift may as well begin, because they are a dime a dozen and we don't have any that can play.

Palmer is horrible. He's dropped more passes this year than he's caught. Literally.

No wonder they played Childs at slot.

They could cut Palmer, Bowman and Washington at the airport tonight and I would not shed a tear. Crandell will have to be lugged along until Durant gets well, and then it's off to the glue factory for him too.


agreed lets go WR shopping I would still keep Bowman though and why does Corey Grant always fall down when he makes a catch lol at least he can catch

It's hard to be objective, but really, we've got 2 starting receivers who are among the worst 5 in the league right now, and really have no business in football, another who is a raw rookie thrust into a prominent role way to quickly, and the only one of the bunch with the physical tools to play the position forgot how to catch.

If we can't find any NFL cuts to come up and play receiver, we may as well teach Jyles the triple-option and run that until Fantuz and Flick come back.

holly bad game batman. The D could not stop Ray. After those back-to-back offsides the D stunk. Crandell is done. I liked him in the first quarter, but then he just fell apart.......Durant is the #1 for sure, hopefully they figure something out for labour day.

Good thing they have another 10 days.

Richie Hall will be kicking arses up and down the D side for their stupidity.

On offence, I don't even know what you can do unless you're bringing in bodies - it's just a complete absence of talent.

That was sick to watch. No offence. Crandall was bad. But play calling awaful. Lapolice was awful. Worse than MB as coordinator. No imagination. 0 yards passing in the 3rd quarter. Defence cant tackle. Cant cover backs. Cant cover those crossing passed.

I have been Tillmans biggest fan. Think he has done a great job. Grey Cup and 6 and 2 are real good. But the last 2 games have been brutal. He needs to show us what kind of gm he is under pressure. Barrett would never make changes. Austin did. Now Miller needs to. If he doesnt it is Tillmans fault. This is his coach.

Naw I wouldn't say the coaching was bad. It was just very very poorly executed in a very large way.

Problem on D is that our front 4 creat 0 pressure so we need to bring Lloyd and McKenzie every down and we play man as playing zone is more risky most of the time. Buy always rushing 2 extra it leave the middle of the feild where LB normally punish receivers wide open and Edmonton exploited that (they did in week one too btw). Richie did adjust but the D still couldn't do anything (ie Ray deking 4 Riders in about 45sec time and runs for a 1st down)

The Offense should be ashamed, Tillman needs to find a monster on the line not only for rightnow but to compliment Chick when he gets back. To say we need a receiver is an understatement.

ps - it rubs me the wrong way that the trade for Acree was able to go through and yet is pretty much gone for the season, but I guess he did pass the physical so there is that

All I can say is WOW. Snap a few bones:?

I think if the offense had helped the defense out and allowed them to at least get a tiny bit of rest the outcome likely would have been a lot closer.

You can say the defense played bad but if you leave your defense out to dry for that long and only give up 27 points that's really not that bad.

I think if we can't get the ball to Cates or the defense is cheating that bad on the running downs then we need to put a mobile QB like Jyles in there.

Terrible showing. Crandell should have been pulled early in the 3rd Quarter. He didn't complete a pass in the second half and was 7 for 24 overall. I wasn't impressed with his performance in the Calgary game either. Wes Cates still had over a 100 yards total offense - every defense is now keying on stopping him and when we can't complete a pass it's not too tough to stop the run.

On the bright side our defense did hold Ricky Ray to 2 touchdowns but after the first 10 minutes of the game had literally no pressure on Ray because of the running of what's his name.

I'm worried about Labour Day.

Ok, first off, the game as a whole was a stinker. However I have a problem with people saying that the d-fence played poorly. How can you expect a d-fence that is on the field for 80% of the time to continue to play to the level that they started the game at. It's the offenses job to not only score points but to sustain drives so that the defense can get the necessary rest in between downs to continue to play at a high speed level which our D is known to play at. I do not like our offense with Marcus at QB as a starter, and the d-fensive struggles are a direct result of his inability to sustain drives. If I was Miller I would have put Jyles in to start the second half and I guarantee we would have seen a different result.

have to agree with you oileriderfan our defence played good that game should have been a bigger blowout like 40-10 and your right its hard for a defence to keep up pressure when they are on the feild so much and in the beginning they looked awsome I was really surprized they didnt put Jyles in sooner but I can also see the reasoning its only game 8 let Crandell really prove he sucks before labourday