hey, will a moderator please make this a sticky? thanks in adavnce! :smiley:
heres how this league will go WE will have as many teams as we can get we pick players just like eskimos32001 dose, everyone can pick different players each week, and people can have the same players if they want(except when 1 team plays another you can have any of the same players as your oponient example: i pick anthony calvillo then my oponient cant witch ever team that gets their picks in first, their oponient cant pick any players you picked!!! the records will go by who ever has the best 2 records play for 1 finall game

heres how the pionts will be!
QBs get 20 points per TD pass and 10 points for rushing TDs and 1 point every 10 rushing yards

RBs gets 15 points per rushing TD and 10 points per TD Reception! and 1 point every 20 yards,Reception yards for running backs dont count as anything only TDs!

WRs get 25 points every TD catch, and 1 point every 30 yards!

LBs get 10 points every sack, 1 point every tackle, and 20 points every interception!

DEs- i have decided not to have D-ends in this league!

DBs get 20 points every interception, 10 points every sack, and 1 point every tackle!!


KICKERs get 1 point every EXTRA POINT(point after TD) AND 10 Points every FIELD GOAL THAT IS MADE

i will add up points as soon as i can every week!

whos going to join? i hope people will i busted my butt with all this typing and coming up with all this, eskimos32001 you can join too!

people that join just type "IM JOINING" and then when i get the sheduel i'll tell each team who they are playing this week! and they can make their picks!


oh yeah, IM JOINING!

wow, so only me and mailkman have joined so far, milkman, do did join right?
and others please join i worked hard to do this, please guys!

also, could some moderator please make this a sticky!

i didn't join but would if more people did. No fun in having a head-to-head of ME vs. YOU every week.

What's the point in having two fantasy pools in the same forum? Doesn't that dilute participation?

This should be made a sticky IF a lot of participants get involved in it weekly. Not the other way around. I'll wait and see how many participants you gather.

Good luck.

I'm Not Sure How The Picking Process Goes, Are You Saying That Players Can't Get Picked Twice? Doesn't That Mean Whoever The First Few People Who Pick There Teams Will Take All The Best Players?

no im saying,their will be 2 teams playing each other each week right? no the first team that picks befor the oponient of that team can pick the players we wants(thats one team) and the person he faces cant! but teams that arnt playing the guy that made the picks first can pick those players if they want, just not your oponient! so 2 guys facing each other their picks couldnt be the same!

so whos in so far?

I don’t think a moderator’s gonna sticky a thread with profanity in the title, even if it’s light profanity.

its pretty good name though!

......very XFL-ish........(wink)........

Thank you for the invite, but I am going to pass for now.

ok, forget this league, never mine its un successful just like that XFL........(wink)......... so sorry, eskimos your the man, im done trying to get people for this league, maybe we can try my way next year eskimos32001!