Backup: Tim Tebow

If he is still on the Als neg list or on no ones neg list. Maciocia should reach out to him and ask him if he wants to give the CFL a shot.

Dives behind the sand bags



One the Als have no backup QB and he's perfect for the CFL.

Why Not?


Agree. Thanks but no thanks.

Another thread that D&P should lock :slightly_smiling_face:

I treat this as a comedy thread. :stuck_out_tongue:



Same comedians who knocked down my suggestion to sign Fajardo.

I honestly don’t remember that

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Not you

Fajardo 29
Tebow 34

Tebow has not played QB for how many years now?
Coming in now when training camp has come and gone and into 3 rd week of the season.

To me Als do not need the distraction.

Saw that not too long ago and look how that turned out.


Except for LeStaf who has a great eye. You the man LeStaf!

As a backup… risk is zero.
You can’t compare Tebow to Manziel that is just rude LOL

Won’t happen anyway. I wonder if he’d get cold feet with the people in place today. Its too bad he changed his mind.


Yeah but I still don’t remember you suggesting that…I am not saying you didn’t, just that I don’t remember

I did a few times. I posted one up from 2018 and there was a few others.

If the CFL had a farm system like baseball or Hockey, I would say go for it and let him work out in AAA but as it is now he is not worth the roster spot

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People really want to bring the Tebow circus to Montreal JUST when we finally have 0 QB controversy? A washed-up never-was who couldn't even be coached up by Marc Trestman? Who would have to learn KJ's offense and get in sync with our receivers? Uh, ok. Weird. I'm no Shiltz fan but I'll take him over Tebow anyday...


Not as a quarterback, but as a slotback at a league minimum. Tebow can't be effective as a QB. He couldn't cut as a tightend, has poor blocking techniques.

The Als would see a spike in "Tebow" jersey sales though and alot of publicity from various medias.

But, Tebow is a football snob, he is only interested in the "precious" NFL and he has a broadcast gig with the SEC channel.

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