Backup QBs

Now that the starters have had some time at the helm, week 3 was when we started to see what the backups have:

                Passing   YDS      TD     INT  Playing Time

B. RANDALL 2/5 25 0 1 6:11
K. GLENN 11/19 146 2 2 30:00
S. JYLES 4/8 43 0 0 8:16
J. JACKSON 19/27 362 4 0 49:52
T. LULAY 3/3 20 0 0 4:47
J. MAAS 8/11 136 0 0 13:03

Jackson should be a starter somewhere and so should Mass, and Printers should be playing as well, I think you are going to see some interesting QB movement this year, Riders have 5 which makes no sense to me something is up over in Riderland :slight_smile:

Although the Riders have 5 QB's, they have none with any real experience. Could some of these young guys pan out in the future? Only time will tell.

I agree that Jackson could be a starter.

I agree that Jarious Jackson and Jason Maas could be starters elsewhere, but I think thats more of a knock against the talent on other teams rather than a statement of how great Jackson and Maas are. Jackson has performed well, but that always seems to be when he comes off the bench rather than as the starting QB. As for Maas, aside from the one season in Edmonton when Ricky Ray went to the NY Jets, and a couple of relief appearances in the playoffs, what has Maas done? He was brutal as the starting QB in Hamilton.

To be fair to Maas, every quarterback since/apart from Danny McManus (and until Quinton Porter partway last year) has been brutal starting for Hamilton the last what, 4 years or so? It was a more a system of panic and defeat that they're just now overcoming. Seems to me they were relying on him to be the Ricky Ray in Hamilton while injured as well.

It's true, Hamilton had fallen into the trap of always looking for that "saviour" quarterback that would lead them to the promised land! Jason Maas was a winner in Edmonton, Casey Printers was a winner in B.C.; they were expected to come to Hamilton and be winners. But no one can step in and carry a team on their back the way these guys were expected to.

I like the attitude the team has taken this year. No big stars, just a good, solid team. They'll gain recognition based on what they do in the black and gold. A few years from now, commentators who are belittling this group because of their lack of stars could be talking about how they have so many.

You’re not the only one that likes their new attitude. The attendance numbers in the Hammer are a whole lot closer to the 2005-2006 ones than those of 2007-2008. Some good feelings here and there are infectious.

Look who was Maas' Coaches in Hamilton? That tells you right there!! if Maas had good coaches, he'd be doing wonderful!