Backup QB

We need a real backup qb. The cats are one of the only teams in the CFL that are screwed if our number one goes down. Porter is not a real quarterback and the cats need to realize this and do something about it. The Als came in here and killed us with there backup this week, the Bombers killed the riders with a backup, Porter comes in runs around a few times and throws a pick... There needs to be better / younger guys that can be brought in.

here we go again.... :?


For a second , just a second ref. Porter, give the guy a break...NEITHER Porter nor Glenn showed much of anything on saturday- how could they ? they were constantly being ambushed by a rushing Al d line who our o-line missed on their blocking patterns :cowboy:

Sorry - can't agree with that one.

On the interception he threw, he had lots of time, and delivered. Unfortunately, there was double coverage, which means
he made the wrong read.
Stop defending QP, when it was obvious he did not 'control' the game. McPherson did not have a great game. He had a good game.
He passed, he ran, he threw tds, he controlled the game. That is the difference, my friend.

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Porter was missing wide open receivers and throwing into double coverage, that has nothing to do with the O line.

So was Kevin Glenn on this day. So whats your point?

I'd like to see what Tafralis can do. He's been with us for two years, can't afford a plane ticket to California therefore deserves a chance or let the kid go.

Never said Glenn had a great day, but he easily looked better than Porter.
My point is when was the last time you saw Glenn have a great game, and when was Porters?
Glen was Labourday, Porter well Ive never seen it...

I also agree with Ockham, next time we have a big lead, or need to take Glenn out Id love too see what Adam can do.

Here's a couple of Porter's good games and the reason they thought he could be the next big thing..

Porter's last great game was the reason he was handed the reins to start last season, the Montreal game in 2008.

Glenn was bad on Saturday, no doubt, but he's been so good for so long that he's allowed to throw up a stinker. Every QB does it. I remember a couple of years ago Peyton Manning played terribly against Cleveland. All QBs have off days, this was Glenn's.

Porter, as sad as it is to say, just doesn't seem to be progressing like I, for one, had hoped. Saturday was his time to prove he was ready and he blew it. He has all the physical tools, but the mental aspect of the game is where he seems to be lacking. He's still a one-read-and-run guy; he's still locking in on his receivers; he's still making poor decisions. I don't know about Tafralis because I haven't seen anything from him either, but it might just be time to see what he can do the next time Glenn comes out of a game.

Those were his first few games when no one knew who the guy was, Teams often have trouble playing against a qb they have never seen. I looked at his stats from those 3 games and 1 of them was great the other 2 were ok nothing special though, 11 / 17 and 26 / 40. what has he done since then to deserve a spot on this team?

Good assessment.

We have a good back-up quarterback..."GLENN"...we need a starter...that game was an embarressment...Gibson had as much imagination as a junior highschool coach...and our defence couldn't tackle but in their defence they were on the field all day and were tired.Rusty old McPherson out classed & outplayed us...we gave up pre-calling Hamilton's was way too easy...a boring old NFL fan was with us and he could even call them before hand...It's not too late to save the season...throw away that old 60's playbook and do some thinking...this is the CFL so use some exciting plays and mix it up...We better redeem ourselves against BC with a hugh win...we won some lucky games with alot of breaks, but to beat the good teams we have to improve alot.

So you think the reason we have been so bad is our OC, but your still bashing Glenn... Not sure how that works, but I do think Gibson needs to open the playbook a little or hit the road.

We have a starter, and his name is Kevin Glenn. Where were your criticisms of him when he was putting up monster numbers during the four-game winning streak?

Well put...a playbook could be the sure makes Glenn look bad...better plays will surely make Glenn shine again...lets hope for a good showing in B.C....we had some wins but not against the big boys...beating TO & Winnipeg doesn't really count as big wins...if you know what I mean Ha..Ha..!!

Porter will go no further in his so called football career until he stops locking in on a receiver and running like a little girl evey
time he can't a secondary receiver. I hate to say it but Porter is well behind Trafalis and should be demoted immediately. The kid has learned absolutely nothing in a year and a half. Don't you just hate it when other teams find some nobody and they light it up immediately? This ream will be lucky to make the playoffs and go absolutely no where until Marcel and the rest of the brain trust get their heads out of the sand and start coaching - teaching - mentoring. I personally don't any of them have it in them.

Anybody here remember Ken Hobart? I seem to remember that he had a similar issue with locking in one receiver, then running if he wasn't open. But a lot of fans still talk about him in a good light, me included. I suspect that those fans saw Porter as another Hobart when he first arrived.

I personally think Porter's arm is better than Hobart's - he's actually able to throw it deep with accuracy. But he does tend to throw it into coverage too much. So can he be taught? I think so, but it's going to take time. And in the meantime, maybe dig out the old 1986 playbook and see if we could adapt some of those plays for Porter. Take advantage of his running ability with some designed, disguised QB draws and roll-outs. So when he comes in to replace Glenn, he provides a completely different look. When he came in on Saturday, it looked like the same plays as Glenn was using, other than one draw that I think everyone watching knew was coming. Porter has different skills, so needs different plays.

Wow...I can't believe so many people are knocking Porter.

He's had some amazing games so far in his limited time as a starter
As far as I know, he's barely played since BruceIII promoted Glenn

To be a legitimate platoon (which is what Bellefeuille was attempting to initiate "on the fly") both quarterbacks need to have some kind of playing time, to stay sharp and spell each other. What Marcel saw was a relatively immobile quarterback getting blitzed and blasted by an aggressive kamikaze rush that had no thoughts about containing the run. While he can't be blamed for thinking Porter might address the situation with his mobility...he and the rest of the Cats have had plenty of time to try to find an answer for a COMPLETELY stagnant running game...and to give their other QB "weapon" some quality reps.

As far as comparing Porter to McPherson, and complaining Adrian beat the Cats and Porter did next to nothing:

  1. It was just ONE game
  2. McPherson IMHO is a VERY special talent. The Alouettes are lucky to have him and comparing ANY young QB to him is just not fair. Porter is a GREAT young quarterback in his own right and needs some time to mature. The Alouettes had a GREAT game-plan offensive/defensive and the Cats are going to have to realize that without any noticeable running game, other teams are going to use last Saturday as a template for how to beat them.

I really wouldn't say he has had some amazing games...
As for being a great young Qb you should take a look at the age in his profile, he isn't young.

senior Ah Me wrote:
"Porter is a GREAT young quarterback in his own right and needs some time to mature."

senior: Porter has been around long enough to either show signs of great potential, or have learned and matured.
In my view he has done neither.
The QB situation was something I commented about before training camp this year. I was surprised we kept Porter.
Glenn is not getting any younger, Porter has not developed and Trafalis helps out with field goal kicks and third and short and is not being developed. This has left us vulnerable.
Put in Trafalis to see what he can do, get rid of Porter and find another young third stringer.
And while we are at it let's find an OC. Gibson is killing this team.