Backup QB talk

Just thought I'd make a thread about the state of the #2 QBs in our league....and how it seems everyone but Calgary doesn't seem to have a proven good backup. Your thoughts?

Calgary - Kevin Glenn - He is a proven veteran of starter quality, and seems to finally be at the point where the good outweighs the bad. He's not a stallion of a QB but he can get the job done if the rest of the team carries him that extra mile. Without a doubt, the single best backup in the league right now and frankly he could start for Edmonton or Winnipeg in my eyes right now (although I don't think Winnipeg would want him given his history there).

Montreal - Quinton Porter - Has had ample starts, and ample opportunities in Hamilton and has shown to be an excellent running QB but VERY prone to throwing picks. I will say, switching teams is pretty much the best thing he could do for his career, as most the people I know in the Hammer wanted the Porter experiment to end two years ago and a fresh start under AC might be just the thing to set him to follow in AC's footsteps. It could also be more of the same though. As a side note, anyone who is thinking Kyle Quinlan is CFL ready, I'm bursting your bubble. Quinlan is an excellent athlete and has potential to go far, but he has habits (such as following a receiver and running VERY aggressively) that won't aid him in the professional stage.

Hamilton - Dan LeFevour - Apart from a couple impressive displays of long ball throwing last year's pre-season we know next to nothing about how he will handle himself as a starter. It's a huge question mark for Hamilton, especially given Burris's habit of diving forward on runs.

Toronto, BC, Saskchewan, Edmonton - I don't even know who their backup QBs are, and that should be concerning. They are all never started, barely played guys, which leaves these teams all one injury away from offensive collapse.

Winnipeg - Buck Pierce and Alex Brink - While it's clear Buck is the better QB, we all know how beat up he has been and there is a question as to how much mileage is left on him. It's looking like 2011 may have been his swan song, and Brink has show flashes of brilliance but also complete collapses. I'm 80% Buck is getting the start, but at what point do you accept that Brink is the possible QB of the future for the team?


looks ok to me


looks pretty good to me, not to mention still having KJ in the stable.


limited action seems to show potential, but too soon to tell,


same as Zach.

so far, based on what I find about present rosters, I would tentavely rate the QB squads thus


lol, of course there aren't many proven back-ups.

How do they become a proven back-up, you get playing time/starts to prove yourself.
Now do they get starts if most starters(AC, Lulay, Burris, Durant, Ray) started a vaste majority of the games last year.

Add in that normally if a starting goes down early and the back-up is relatively unproven(like a Willy) the team would then airflift a Printers/Bishop right away preventing that back-up from getting any reps.

It's just a viscious circle that basically prevents any young guy from getting playing time 90% of the time, then when a young starter does perform well it causes a QB controversy resulting in one of them going bye bye.

Btw, on the Bombers it is in no way Clear Buck is the better QB. Brink was better in 2011 and 2012 then Buck(Hammy you should know this, Brink threw the go ahead TD against Ti-cats in the East Semi :wink: )
The only reason people THINK Buck is better is because he has more experience, but his play has been far from good in 2012(or even 2011) the issue is the decision makers realizing a change needs to be made AND actually making the change. Brink(or Goltz) would be better for the Bombers organization as their starter then Buck, Buck should be released and offered a coaching job tomorrow but he'll likely end up getting the opening week start for the WBB.(hopefully not though)

First off SASK back up Drew willy is only in his second CFL season but will be his 5th year as a pro QB and played well in relief last year so the riders are in pretty good shape. He came to the CFL while still having NFL options so he want to be here and he has some really good pocket presence

As for Toronto everyone remeber Zach Calloros from that final game of the 2012 season vs Hamilton but it is Trevor Harris who is the back up here. Going through the UFL and AFL he made the most of his chance with the Argos in his 3ed pro season and sort of had a break out camp.

In Hamilton the old regime brought Lefevour in and he is a good young prospect but Kent Austin quickly brought in through a trade perhaps his choice in Jerimiah Masoli so we will see how that works out as Masoli was the 4th QB in EDM and Lefevour 3rd in Hamilton but neither played.

BC is really in a bind as for back ups in returning only two Qbs from not just last years roster but from last years training camp but have a couple of import Jarrett brown has bounced around the NFL for three years before landing in BC finishing out the season on the practice roster after the October PR roster expansions.

Glenn is the only back up with considerable playing/starting experence in the CFL. Porter also has quite a bit of playing time as a starter.

they have 2 of 3 returning, 3 of 4 if you count Jarrett...I wouldn't call this a bind. Demarco, IMO, looked pretty darned good in limited action last season. He didn't get much action in pre-season, but looked laggit, and held his own in the few shots he had in the regular season. With a season under his belt and Wally's track record, I am betting he will be a competent backup.

You also have to take into account the guy who is bringing these QBs in...Wally's record is second to none for QBs. He new last year that Reilly was gone, and brought someone in to see the playbook before the season was even over...very smart GM.

Jarrett Brown is a big frame for a QB by CFL standards. I know little of him, but was impressed by his play in the Sr Bowl a few years back. He is an extremely mobile QB, which plays into the CFL beautifully. My general understanding is that what has held him back is that he does not learn playbooks very quickly. I tend to believe this is Wally's next great grooming, but am unsure, because you look at the guys he has brought up and the #1 thing...aptitude, which is his weakness....very strong arm, and really fast release...I have seen few QBs of his age that match his release quickness.

Wally will find another should thee be a need. BC has been the best club for getting unknown QB's, They have held QB camps in the USA camps in the States where super guys like Lulay found themselves playing for QB a a Lion.

If something happens to Lulay and the back-ups underwhelm maybe they can bring back Casey Printers. :wink: a pinch, Jarious Jackson is the QB coach.

You don't know who Toronto's backup is? Let me refresh your memory. Zach Collaros. He torched the Ti-Cats defense in the final regular game of the season. Helping the Argos pull off a 43-40 victory. Destroying the Cats hopes at making the playoffs.

Maybe the word bind was not the word. Pro experience. Only Lulay and Brown will be the only two on the roster that will have one year of pro football experience anywhere this season. If brown problems was with a playbook he had a whole off season to get into it.

Demarco was with the Lions the full 2012 campaign was he not? He should know the O and the plays. They have 3 QBs that were with the club last season, even if 1 was only on the PR for a month or so, he still has seen the playbook and run a couple plays in practice....not many clubs can often say that. I am really not seeing their concern.

....The Bombers probably have the best back-up problem...The real concern is the starter position....
I'd say the back-ups on other clubs would rate...Calgary as no 1... Let's be realistic and according to playing time..the others I would say are in transition at best... Let's face it .. any one of their starters goes down and they're in deep-do-do... :wink:

There may not be any concern as i restated just a little lack of pr expereince for Demarco but maybe he will be awsome. It was not meant to be that big of a deal

There is a lot of Back Ups with little CFL expereince Glenn and Porter. Willy in SASK has had one good year of CFL expereince and played well as a Back up when called but he will be in his 5th pro season altogether. Mitchell also in Calgary I think we can compare as the CFL version of top rookie QBs last year like that came onto the NFL scene very quickly and looks like he could play right now if needed. He was give a lot of respoonsibility as a true rookie right out of University as being the Short Yardage guy and holder I believe for the entire season. What helped was that he came right to Calgary when not drafted and opted out of NFL rookie free agent camps and training camp. Here is a QB who wants to play and wants to be in the CFL. We do not see that often anymore where most first year CFL QBs have at least been through NFL mini Camps and some training camps before entering the CFL. He could be a CFL QB that may draw NFL interest later something we do not see much anymore.
Most exhaust NFL options before coming to the CFL