Backup QB Revisited

Matthews says Ted White is backup to begin…hope it doesnt’ end that way.

We have Roberson, Kent, and Wiser as the other QBs…I thought we had signed a guy called Rivero, but don’t see him on the depth chart. What does anyone know about Kent and Wiser? Seems to me anyone would be better than White…

SERIOUSLY!!! I read that too last night!
(btw: Im back… just for a sec busy life right now)

I think White is the true starter cause hes been around for 3 years versus the rookies… plus hes a beast but he doesnt even runt hat much!!!

We should have ditched him and Bolden and used two rookies to fight it out. Ahh well!

PS: CFL rosters will be updated hopefully when the season starts!!!

I saw that as well but I havent completely given up on him yet. He has a really strong arm and has been doing some conditioning this off season if he gets t ostart a pre season game and a game or two after we lock up first in the east.

What’s the point in having the strongest arm when you can’t aim at YOUR own players down the field.

I’m sorry, but when he had to step up, he wasn’t below-average… he was plainly disatrous.

Guys, relax. White hasn’t been given any real game time to show what he can do. He played mostly the end of fourth quarters during the regular season against teams that had given up. Hardly a good way to groom him for the East Division final against Toronto, now is it? I think the kid has talent and can be an effective backup if he gets playing time. He’s already lost weight which should make him more mobile. Let’s all give him a chance to show what he can do.

The problem is that Matthews likely won’t give him a chance to show what he can do, same for the other QBs in camp, except in exhibitions and in very late stages of 4th quarter blowouts. Enough teams have demonstrated that you have to have 2 good QBs to succeed in this league, a lesson it seems our head coach should have learned by now, but apparently has not.

I agree with discipline and punishment given the chance he can be an effective backup what needs to be done other than give him a little more time on the field is to cut the play book down to a few simple plays that work like a crossing route to cahoon deep pass to girard, a quick out to vaugh, screen pass to jenkins or lapointe and running plays those plays could win a game on their own if they have to

Shortening the playbook for whoever the backup turns out to be is an excellent idea. I just hope Matthews keeps an open mind and selects the best man for the job…if Roberson, Wiser, or Kent (whoever they are) outplay White then let them take the job. May the best man win.

The score was 8-7 Tor with 1 minute gone in the 3rd when White came in. He managed to put 11 points on the board, not great but it could have been worst

Remember the Als had several key injuries in that game, not just Cavillo,who else? Cavil,Strickland, Durden or something like that.

Personally, if I was Ted White, who has not played a game all year…Actually who has not played a game for a few years, then suddenly in the Eastern Final, your team is down, and Don Matthews walks up to me and sais “Your In” I’d be under alot of pressure. I would not be able to handle the pressure.

Its hard to play your first game, in the biggest game your team is in in the year. Pressure gets to you, and thats exactly what happend to White. He had too much preesure, and I don’t blame the guy.

In Trainig Camp, White has the best Pass Percentage and Better Rating after Calvillo. He has a beter ranking then Ell Roberson and the other guy. Im sure if Matthews puts him in once in a while, develop some game feelings, we can see an improved Ted White. But thats just me.

I completely agree with you I do not htink white is nearly as bad as he was made to seem. He was given a baptism of fire. throwing him into a high pressure game against one of the best passing defences in the league is a recipe for disaster. Im sure he will get some reps once calvillo already won the game and with a shorter playbook and his better physical condition he can become a solid backup if nothing else

I remember a couple of mop up games for White last year when he was 7/7 passing in one game and something like 8/10 in another.
White doesn’t have to win a game for us really, he just has to not lose it and throw 3 int. like in the playoffs.

Don Matthews was really tired of being questionned about his back-up quarterback yesterday. So during a press conference, he said to the media:

«I don’t get it. You guys are always asking about the back-up quarterback in football and about the back-up goalie in hockey. It seems to me than this side of the border, the back-up is perceived as being the most important player around. You know what? If something happens to my starter, I think I will play my third quarterback, because I wouldn’t want someone as important as the back-up to risk being injured!»

Typical Matthews, I love it!

And thats why I love him the guy is not afraid to speak his mind and never gives your stereotypical answer to anything

Gotta love the Don :mrgreen:

Funny but you guys are skrewed when you starter get hurt…

I believe we are screwed if A.C. get hurt but I have faith in the Don. He sees something In White that we don’t
Don didn’t become the most successfull coach in CFL history by being a moron. I think he know what he is doing.

After saying all that I hope he is not going senile :shock: