Backup Pivots aiming to take the next step

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An article from the CFL website on three of the CFL backups looking to take the next step.

Mike Reilly
Adrian McPherson
Quinton Porter

After seeing what the Minnesota Viking had to role out as a back up QB in Webb for a playoff game I can't see the NFL not giving these guys a look as well.
Mike Reilly has gotten a tryout by Jacksonville and why not they did not have anything resembling a NFL starting QB. Quinton Porter can not be any worse than say Blaine gabbert. His age of 30 may be a deterant but there are some pretty bad back ups in the NFL of the Pocket passer Nature.
McPherson could be a great NFL back up to one of the young run option QBs he has a ton of experience compared to them and the perfect skill set to even be a starter for a team looking to go to the run option fad offense. As odd as it may seem I could see Trestman bringing McPherson to the Bears as a short yardage QB bringing that hole concept to the NFL of having a short Yardage guy. McPHerson has a ton of experience at that. McPherson also will be 30 but has a very popular skill set that is going around in the NFL that was not there 5 years ago.
It will be interesting to see if we start seeing the Graham Harrle syndrome begin to hit the NFL. For McPherson being a back up for the bears will pay him a Min of 390K.

Funny you should post this now. Just saw on twitter from TSN's Dave Naylor that the Als picked up Byron Parker, Arland Bruce AND article related Porter. They must be expecting Mcpherson to peace out of Montreal to sign a guy like Porter. 2 years under Calvillo's wing and maybe he can do some damage...

i think Porter will improve greatly under Calvillo.

Porter has been a product of a bad situation in Hamilton during his time there with the revolving door of coaches coming through. Certainly last season with Burris putting up over 5,000 yards you can't expect for Porter to see anytime last year. Funny how the two oldest QBs in the league Burris and Calivillo had all star seasons and went the entire season without missing a game except for the resting of Calivillo the last game of the season.

Wouldn't be the first time a QB left Hamilton under less than impressive circumstances to develop in Montreal. Popp hoping lightning strikes twice?

Not the first time Montreal has picked up someone else's QB. . . but for every Calvillo, there's also a Cody Pickett and a Jason Maas. There's no guarantee that Porter will break camp with the Als, nor is there any guarantee that Parker and/or Bruce will. Last year Popp picked up Aaron Hunt, Mark Restelli, and Rod Davis, with only Davis making the team.

Yup, although to be fair, Hunt did make the team, but was cut four or five games in. In any case, you are dead on: Porter, Parker, and Bruce will have to earn their stripes in training camp just like everyone else.

I think of the 3 Bruce is in the toughest spot to make the team with two pretty good SBs ahead of him on the depth chart.

after last season the Als were vulnerable to injury at the Import rec spots and when the injuries came it was very noticable by having to start Deslauris. Bruce will bring depth while the younger guys can be groomed. Bruce most likley realizes his days are numbered and will be taking a huge salary cut this time in exchange for a last shot at a Grey Cup.

I suspect they'll use him at WR, not SB. Richardson and Green are entrenched inside. London has one WR spot. Bratton is likey going to find himself out of job now that Bruce is in the picture.

Three big pick ups for the Als and Porter has the skill set that they were looking for in a QB. In a stable situation with a solid O Line. As Popp has mentioned Porter has been on his Radar for awhile and with Calivillo still playing at the top of his game at 40 could afford to wait for this type of situation where he can pick him up off the waiver wire without having to make a trade or free agent Bidding war. Bruce and Parker the same. I am sure that the coaching staff will be strong also. Still have some key things missing. A non import receiver that is at least worthy of being the 5th receiver. Deslaures, Devireax not even close.
RT Jeff Perret still unsigned if one of the current non import Lineman are able to move to RT they will be able to keep that ratio in tact with the All Canadian Line. With the success that Bomben played as an extra blocker and now receiver at TE you would think that he would have the ability to play RT but everything I read it does not seem to be so. Import Ola seems to be the guy that would start if Perret does not sign. A return specialist is also needed desperately. Maybe Guy and Devine will be able to thrive if they get a special teams coach that can get the other players on the return teams to block.