I wonder whether the reason the Cats looked and played so meekly last night was due to the poignant talking they most likely had from the coaches about those dumb preseason penalties?! Toronto set the tone early with Belli doing a tribal dance on Caulleys head while he was on the ground and Murphy shoved players around after the whistle. While Toronto players were belligerent and confrontational Hamilton players stood around like choir boys. When they tried to half heartedly interject on behalf of their team mates the officials threw flags. You could then see the penalized players sheepishly glancing over at the Hamilton coaches on the side line. A young team and this is a young team will in the early season take stupid penalties. If you get down on players too hard about penalties you get a team of Kitty Cats not Tiger Cats. Now don’t get me wrong I think the penalty issue needed to be addressed but the contrast between the vim and vigor the Cats showed in the two preseason games and the season opener was too much to ignore…something changed!
Secondly, how is it that the refs can spot a face masking in a crowd of 15 players when even the instant replay couldn’t find it then miss an open field trip by the Argo kicker! How is it that Belli gets a talking to after the Caulley head dance and Murphy’s pushing gets ignored? Long in his fifth quarter locker room interview alluded to the fact that there was a lot of stuff not being called. What gives? Are there rules and if so don’t they apply to everyone in the same manner? The question is who's in charge?
As far as the Cats are concerned I have read some of the posts and understand both the views of those who are optimistic and those who are pessimistic. All I can say is that in the case of the Cats optimism needs to be tempered with reality. This team is a work in progress and has been for several years. If I could ask the coaches some questions they would be… why did you keep Porter in for so long? I know you want him to develop but sometimes standing on the side lines for a couple of series can help more in the development than pounding your head against the wall. Belli owned Hage what can we do about this? Does the MLB needs some major tutoring or is he not the man for the job? Why aren’t the DB’s watching the ball and covering so loose? Why is Porter taking so long to get rid of the ball, is it the plays you are calling?

Are you talking about knowltons facemask penalty? Because he definately grabbed it

And i agree they responded poorly to Toronto's bullying tactics, it resulted in a lot of stupid penalties.

I believe there where two facemasking calls. One against Hamilton on the T.O. RB on the sideline which was obvious the other was in the centre of the field. That's the one I couldn't see. Football, be it physical or mental.

While I too was annoyed last night with the missed calls (again), we all know that the refs will call penalties for retaliation more so than the actual issue itself. Id think Greg Marshall has told this to our
D-Fence, hence the choir boyseffect.
Im not saying saying its right, but we all know the refs seem to have our number so to minimize penalties they are probably told to hold back........look at what happend in the opening scrum....Argos start the issue and we get the big stick in penalties, it`s laughable yet sad. :roll:

Maybe we should play the other side of the coin and get a little dirty upfront....seemed to work for the Argosnots.


It was worth a penalty just to see us pounding on a few argos. Almost got myself into a fight after the game when I was ready to leave my section because of a cocky argo fan.

Giving the Argos 25 yards during that scrap that led them to a TD is not worth it to me. We stop them there and we gain some momentum. We get an extra penalty for some reason that I can't figure out and our defense stays on the field longer.

Yeah, I totally didn't understand that call at all.

Kerry Joseph scrambles and the Tiger-Cats take a nice solid shot at him. So Rob Murphy, who has a reputation as one of the dirtier players in the league, comes in and starts a shoving match. Both teams get involved and there is some shoving. And yet the Tiger-Cats get the extra penalty.

That is still a head scratcher to me.

If anything it should have been off-setting penalties, or more appropriately, the extra penalty to the ____s for starting the whole thing!

  • paul