Backdoor Crossing Route....Burned us All Game!!!

There had to of been 5-7 second and longer (>6 Yards) plays that all the Esks did was run either Stamps or Campbell (game winning play!!!)to the overload side on a underneath crossing route.... Perhaps it was because of the lack of pass rush but it seemed the we were caught in the same defensive play call each time...don't know if their is a lack of communication with the DB's but they have to realize that they are coming their way.....This bread and butter play needed to be stopped....unfortunately we know what was the final result........

8) You're right, we didn't make any adjustment to stop that play all game !!!
  Simply unbelievable !!!

Don't we have a guy in the booth upstairs who is supposed to have a better look at the field and call a counter play down to the bench? If we have guys that are just occupying seats, let them occupy a seat in the stands instead of a position of importance.