I am back posting the weekly top 10 viewing numbers with my comments. There are some surprises and it's good to see how the TSN CFL numbers are strong and on the upswing.

  1. Baseball, Mariners-Crap Jays Saturday TSN @ 411,000 - must be Paul Godfrey counting like bogus attendance count
  2. Baseball, Mariners-Crap Jays Sunday Sportsnet @ 398,000
  3. CFL, Stamps-Ticats Friday TSN @367,000 winning the Friday night slot
  4. CFL, Riders-Lions Friday TSN @356,000 very strong numbers for late night doubleheader
  5. Baseball, Mariners-Crap Jays Friday Sportsnet @311,000 - no account for taste
  6. Auto Racing, Nascar Sunday TSN @300,000
    not a sport?
  7. CFL, Als-Bombers Saturday CBC @ 263,000 disappointing # for first place tilt in prime time
  8. Auto Racing, F1 Sunday TSN @ 136,000
  9. Equestrian, Saturday CBC @ 136,000 again, not really a sport
  10. Baseball, Mets-Cubs Sunday Sportsnet @ 113,000 probably what the Crap Jays real numbers are before Mr. Godfrey adjusts.

The Als Bombers game would've been 263,001 if I hadn't have had to go to the zoo with my nieces....

what about webcast numbers? and I'm glad that most didn't see that game, it was crapo.

and why is Nascar beating out Cascar?

with the jays getting ratings like those, how come thier attendance is no better than 18,000 per game?..hmmmm?

I can understand the CBC numbers, and no offense, but their show is just boring to watch. Too many ads, not enough (relevant) commentary, coupled with too many bodies and not enough personality. Sometimes it feels like the game is being called off of a teleprompter by cyborgs (well, except for Chris "Slobbering-Manbeast" Walby).

For contrast, Suitor on TSN might be annoying the majority of the time but at least it sounds like he has a passion for the game.

Personally I find the CBC show very hard to watch.

Man, I can't believe there is anyone out there that could possibly watch a baseball game over a CFL game unless it's a blowout or whatever. That just boggles my mind but then, I'm not a real baseball fan so I am biased for sure.
With the Jays, though, you have to remember that Toronto and area is very large population wise so they are going to get good numbers, and they are playing fairly well at this time also.

Baseball is so boooooring to watch live or on TV.
I still think someone is playing with these figures if you know what I mean.

Wouldn't surprise me also if someone is messing with these figures for sure.

lets not forget the jays are owned by rogers cable tv....they can alter the tv ratings as they see fit.

The top 10 numbers do not reflect the French Canadian RDS numbers from Quebec and anyone who subscribes outside. For years I have been trying to get same on a weekly basis, but have not been able to. The only time it comes out is after the Grey Cup when they are added to the CBC count.
So, my point being how the Saturday CBC game deals only with English Canada. All of the French speaking and the vast majority of fans in Quebec watched RDS. Which consistently draws an estimated 100,000+ for the Als. It is also conceivable to suggest how being prime time Saturday night, the overall combined(with CBC) count could have been over 400,000 to 500,000. Which certainly makes more sense to me.

Would these numbers not come from a ratings agency rather than the network? The network has no ability to know how many people are watching, that is done through surveys.

The Mariners , have allot of JAPANESE fans watching. We did , for ICHRIO!

Summer T.V. ratings are not the best test.

Well, if wrost comes to wrost for the Blue Jays, just sign alot of Japanese players and get their TV numbers to support the team. :lol: