Back-up's or future

I think this season is almost a perfect example of how the CFL are running short on QB's. I mean how much longer do we see the likes of AC or Double D. Guys like Allen and Danny Mac. Even Kerry Joseph's time is running out.

We have seen Wynn, Banks, Eakin, Michna and Peirce all take shots at QB this season with not much promise.

I really wonder if the tallent at QB is really fadding in the CFL, if these guys are are future QB's.

We have alot of tallent in this league with alot of depth except at QB. I really think this will become more of a issue in the next couple of years, unless we suffer through a few tough seasons tring to develop a solid starter, like AC progressed into. Winnipeg to me is the only team that has started to develope a new young star in Kevin Glenn. I wonder when the other teams will start to follow suit...

IMO, the back-up QB has been a sore spot for years with most teams. Ricky Ray came out of nowhere, as did DD. I do believe there are capable QBs are out there , its only a matter of finding them and bringing them to this league.

Give these guys a few years, and they will be the next AC, DD, etc.

I have a feeling Michna going to go far once he plays a few games at gets used to the system.

Otherwise, maybe the league should start pulling guys from the CIS? give Canadian QBs a chance.

and if all else fails, at lest Winnipeg will win a few cups in the next decade! :smile:

Pierce did fine in the BC game. He also won one last year. Lets see what he can do tonight before we write him off.

Also, I don't think Toronto should give up on Spergon Wynn just yet.....

Wynn did win a game, and I still think he has the talent to win more, and how about the guy that played well for Toronto in the 2003 East Final despite the fact that they lost?

.....the backups are not getting enough time in the game....Edmonton's backup Johnson has, get this, thrown 5 passes in two years.....and for guys like him on other teams its the same story.....teams won't risk allowing a backup to learn and grow, it's too risky unless your season is toast.....

that's why, like Glenn, they are slow out of the gates for a few seasons when they are starters., really?.....

that's what I've seen so far, but it's hard to do that when the US blacks out half of the games this week.

To DISH, THANK YOU SO BLODDY MUCH!!! waves his fist in the air

RW, you want to know if I have been watching, there is your answer.