Back up the Brinks truck

Talk about a career-killing moment. On's front page news today Winnipeg's Bob Irving reports big-time unhappiness in the person of one Alex Brink, who has apparently lost his "starting" role to the other backup, Joey Elliott.("Elliott now at the helm of Bombers' offense"

The Bomber play-by-play guy quotes Brink as saying, "Blind-sided is a good word to describe my reaction. You dream of being a starting quarterback in professional football and it's disappointing when it's taken away from you."

So, with the Bombers sitting at 1-5, Brink is somehow under the illusion he should be the undisputed starting QB simply because the number one guy is injured? Whoa. What planet, Mr. Brink? A default starting role is just that ... It's not something earned through performance.

Brink just undermined his own best interests by shooting his mouth off to reporters at a real bad time in the Bombers' 2012 campaign. What a selfish idiot.

right. selfish idiot, for one understandable comment, which in itself is not "shooting his mouth off" :roll:

actually I'm starting to see that Lapolice isn't the great coach here.

he got lucky last season.

right. selfish idiot, for one understandable comment, which in itself is not "shooting his mouth off" :roll:
Ten or 15 years ago, I would have agreed with you. But now, given the intensity and diversity of media (and fan) coverage, you bet it is.He didn't say he felt "disappointed." He didn't say, "saddened." He didn't say, "surpassed." He said he was "blindsided." Which directly translates into him saying that he's been scuttled, screwed, stabbed-in-the-back, whatever, by his own coaching staff and/or management. One word, in this case, is definitely "shooting his mouth off."

check your dictionary. blindsided simply means he didnt see it coming.

check your dictionary. blindsided simply means he didnt see it coming.
Bomber management may not have the same dictionary FYB. My guess, they're going to see it as a shot. Bad timing.

Nothing wrong with Brink being disappointed at not playing. Any pro QB wants to play. He didn't throw anyone under the bus, just expressed his disappointment. Nothing to see here IMO.

According to what I read in the Winnipeg Free Press a couple of days ago, Brink found out about the move AFTER the team announced it.

Standard courtesy in this business is that you tell the player first, then you post it on Twitter. If Winnipeg management can't figure that out, then IMO Brink is entirely justified in being angry about how he was treated. That's just bush league.

Ah, here it is.

"Amazingly, he was the last one to find out about his benching. The club sent out a note via social media as the players practised Saturday, and Brink only was told of the decision after the workout."

I could have told him he sucked 4 weeks ago.

He'll get over it, just like he did getting booed off the field in his first start back in 2010, he's got thick skin.

Who wouldn’t be disappointed.

Yeah, I don't really see anything wrong with his comment. What is he supposed to say...'yeah, I am glad I am not starting, it will be good to see my immediate competitor get a crack at upstaging me. I think he can get it done better than I, so I gladly step aside.'

My only question is, who takes over at QB in Winnipeg after Elliott falls flat? Because you know Elliott is a disaster waiting to happen.

This is what passes as news, a qb upset cuz he isnt starting.

Talk about making something out of nothing.

lol @ this topic for sure.

surprise surprise tho, what else is new, people just love to talk garbage about everything winnipeg.

That's not the only question.

The other question is. . .

What will Area 51 say if Elliott happens to play really well and the Bombers win the game?

It may not be too likely, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Hahahahaha :thup:

Thanks for the good laugh this morning A51! all seriousnes though, 51's question is valid....if I was Mack to LaPo I would've rode out the Brink era for as long as possible knowing that I had the Elliot maneuver in reserve...if there is a failure-to-launch with Elliot now, only a third of the way through the season, do you seriously go to Goltz? ....risky business man...

...when is Pierce due back? if ever...

looks like 2 weeks...not this game but next.

You're right, nothing's beyond the realm of possibility. A meteor could strike the stadium at kickoff and then we'd never know if Elliott was about to have a breakthrough with 6TDs and 500yds or a breakdown with 3 INTs and 142yds.

I'd say the latter is far more likely than the former though. Let's see how things play out - - if he turns into the second coming of Travis Lulay I'll be the first one to say that I was completely wrong on my analysis of Elliott.

But if/when Elliott is a flop and gets sent back to holding the clipboard as I expect he will, I trust you'll be the first to acknowledge my evaluation was spot on.

Well didnt express himself that great but obviously upset. He got to take over for pierce on one games practice at the end of a long 4 game road trip to start the season with a enormous amount of injuries. Now that players are coming back and healthy and they are finding some chemistry Brink gets pulled.
Problem Brink was number 2 at the wrong time and had to endure all that. Now that a lot are back healthy and finding some chemistry Brink was part of that old beat up crew and Elliot is part of that new healthy fresh chemistry.
I think Elliot will do the job and probably is the better and more consitant of the two but it is very close. Brink just needs to sit tight and see what happens he may indeed get his shot again for a variety of reasons and be healthy with a healthy team.
Brink needs to suck it up and be a team player he does have the talent and if not in winnipeg another home could possibily be found.