Back Up QBs

The inaction of Kent Austin not playing his backup quarterbacks
rose and bit him in the ass today. (IMO)

The QBs just needed to kneel down every play, and the Cats would have won.

quite possible, as long as they didn't kneel on third down.

After today, Masoli may be your best back up.
I would certainly start him.

I believe it was last year that Masoli started against the Eskimoes, he did everything in his power to lose the game for us.
Mathews is the right choice as he has played under Austin & Condell in college.
His 1st INT was due to being hit at the perfect moment to change the trajectory of the ball. No excuse for the other picks, however there were moments that showed accuracy and arm strength.
This was due to lack of reps and running game.
Sorry but Holley for all his blocking prowess that is discussed is a horrible runner of the ball.
Mathews had a trial by fire and he showed enough IMO to be given a 2nd chance.

Unfortunately, he showed enough that he can't be given a second chance. One terrible throw can lose a game, and he made 3. He alone lost the game.

Masoli made some mistakes last year, and has sat ever since. But his mistakes were not as bad as any one of the three Mathews made today.

Again, all he had to do was nothing, and the Cats win. He was far worse than nothing.

I wanted him to be great, or at least good, and hoped for good enough. He wasn't any of those. He gave them the game. He is the reason they lost. The Cats lost, not because Zach got hurt, but because of the decisions Mathews made.

Austin should take full responsibility for this loss… In this league it is not if your starting quarterback will be hurt but when will it happen. You need to give your backup quarterback as much playing time as possible. There have been at least 3 if not 4 games where Mathews could have played at least the entire 4th quarter. Going into tonights game Mathews had thrown a total of 9…yes count them 9 passes during the regular season and completed 6 of them. There is no replacement for taking live reps in a real game.

you are correct,, they were not prepared and the fact that there is no running game makes things worse, this team is made of glass, the injuries are ridiculous

I agree with those of you who put the blame on Austin's not giving backups needed playing time in games where the team had a win before the third Q. This happened to Montreal for not giving the backup, McPherson, any playing time. When Calvillo quit, there was no one with some preparation for the role.

Both of the backups show promise.
Matthews tried a bit too hard & got schooled by a savvy defence.
On the last pick, two of his receivers in the area stopped running FFS!
He was firing laser beams sans the interceptions.
Matthews didn't fail the team.
The coaches failed him.

May have made a mistake trading Tajh Boyd's rights to Winnipeg.

Matthews showed a lack in ability to read the defense, showed no ability to scramble and get out of trouble, threw passes into coverage. Even without reps all QB's need to study film and have expectations of what they are going to do with the ball. This loss is squarely on the shoulders of the coach, and the backup QB's!

i wish he was available. all he does is pretend to pass than run and fumble sometimes :oops:

least there wouldnt be any pick sixes :x

still have faith in Mathews though, being put in their against a tough defence is really asking alot.

I’m in the same mind as Heapbag. Matthews first interception was NOT HIS FAULT. His arm was hit as he threw. The last one was the horrible one. Looked like he had a brain cramp and purposely threw to who he THOUGHT was his player. His eyes locked on the Edmonton DB and he threw it right at him. We were seated right in line with the play and it was plain weird the way that it seemed he intended to throw it to the player he did. (Unless he was paid off. LOL) The 2nd INT - the one that Marcel Young picked - was the kind of interception that even the best QB’s give up. He needed to lead his man a tiny bit deeper in the endzone but he didn’t and Young ball-hawked. More game play and he might have the eyes to see that shaping up.

Inactivity, combined with an off night, gave a poor result. Don’t forget that Edmonton has a good D as well. They played well tonight.

We’ve seen hotshots come in and impress us like crazy (see Timmy Chang) and then prove to be a bust. Matthews gets the start next game and that will go a long way to telling us how the rest of the season will go. Waaay too early to make a call or panic.

This is all on Austin. He hasn't prepared anyone to truly back up Collaros. I can't blame the backups if they haven't been prepared properly. There have been numerous opportunities for the backups to get game time but they never did. That was Austin's call.

An Argo-Cat fan

I agree Matthews deserves another chance. The brutal final pick is the kind of mental mistake that should be correctable. My bigger general concern is that while he made some nice plays, there were times when he looked lost or indecisive in the pocket. Hopefully with more first-team reps and game time, he'll be able to settle down.

Edmonton has the #1 D in the CFL

I love people saying the sky is failing and we need new Qb's?

A rookie QB and the 3rd string who gets no reps in practice... Lets give up on them in less then a full game... people are posting on facebook get Glenn back?

whats the old saying "If I listened to the fans, I will be sitting with the fans" I think that what Austin is thinking

I can't wait for we should never got rid of Burris, he is the only QB to start every game for the last 2 years... I know it is coming

The last practice I was at was in late August. Mathews got lots of time with the ball and looked very good.

I think he needs to start the next game to see if he can bounce back after today's disastrous performance.

What is also worrisome for me, is the number of idiotic penalties committed by the offence. It looked to me that losing Collaros caused the offence to come unglued. No excuse for that.

This team needs to rally around Mathews before the next game....and Austin/Condell need to tailor the offence to Mathews' situation. Mathews needs to become the bus driver (as Bill Parcells wanted his QB's to be) and let his backs and receivers get the ball quickly. 10-15 yard passes, a running game and some trick stuff instead of a constant barrage of 35-40 yard passing plays. Mathews has a heck of an arm but as we saw today.... we can't rely on that just yet.
Just my take on the tremendous loss of Collaros. Y'r welcome. :slight_smile:

Back ups don't win Grey Cups. Unless Zach is back by playoffs this season is over. Sorry but that's the reality

The test will be the next game after the bye: how does Austin get the team back on track? And Calgary will be a good challenge. If Austin fails that test, then we can dump on him.