Back Up QBs


Edmonton - Starting with EDM they have a solid back up in Matt Nichols. Although he is yet to win a game two of his starts this season have come vs Calgary in the home and home labor day series. He looked very comfortable and did put up some big numbers. In the playback game in EDM he but up well over 300 yards and 3 TDs in a 4th qtr comeback that fell short.
His 3rd start vs the Riders in week 20. Two INTs hurt him but still in a game with several key players out and rested was able to look solid.
Pat White - With both Reilly and Nichols younger up and coming QBs. White fits a specific package of plays in a wildcat formation. As well I believe he is on the punt team.

Calgary - Mitchell has taken over but really do to the injury problems that Tate had. Two solid guys with big time potential to become even better than they already are.

Riders - Riders got caught short this season being in between with Top Back up Willy leaving and only left was very inexperienced Sunseri. Certainly has proven that after this only being his second pro season anywhere he is not ready.
Kerry Joseph was the best available veteran QB. While at 40 Plus he could not go a whole season. After going through his 3rd start and 4th week with the Riders, heading into the playoff season he is now looking sharp.

BC - The Lions acquired the CFL's ultimate hired gun in Glenn to keep the ship moving until Lulay could return and he did just that. Once Lulay went back down, Glenn who has reinvented himself in the role he came to BC for, is still a long shot to take them to the Cup.
John Beck has came in after a pretty long time in the NFL. in his 30's this has not often worked out. In Becks case though he has looked very comfortable, confident in the huddle, and more importantly wants to play more pro football.

Winnipeg - Willy took a route of building to where he has gotten. A season as the 3rd QB in the NFL, a year in the UFL, before coming to the Riders where he won the back up job out of camp and has earned his spot.
Brohm - a bit older than Willy with more pro football experience. Younger then Beck without as much pro football experience. Like Beck he wants to continue playing pro football and it shows. He has looked very comfortable and confident in the huddle.
Dont rush Marve In his true rookie season he has been able to do one of the jobs of a back up and Run the Short Yardage. There is no reason to give him a back up role with Brohm there. As well they have Josh Portis with a bit more experiences. Bo Levi did it in his second season but he is an exception. Look at both Demarco and Sunseri both only in their second seasons at the time. Both were given the #2 spot after losing their top back ups in FA. They just were not ready in only their second pro season.
A lot of that had to do with Cap Space, which led to a shortage of expereinced back ups in general. CFL able to give a solid bump to the cap will go a ways to fix this issue. Also more guys like Brohm and Beck are likely more prepared and wanting to play in the CFL. Unlike the Colt Brennan's that have come through the last few seasons.


Toronto - Millanovich looks to be the true QB guru. Trestman who had that tag did well with AC but after 5 years he did not prepare anyone else. Everyone familar with the Collaros but forgotten was Trevor Harris. Harris out of DII level worked double time upon gaduation playing year round NFL, AFL, UFL, AFL, and finally CFL. looked very comfortable in following the dink and dunk Ray offense. With a lil more zip than Ray got the ball out to receivers a yard or two short of the first down and they were able to get the extra couple of yards to move the chains.
Portis was traded away to Winnipeg. Gale had already moved ahead of him in his second full season and was the Short Yardage guy. While Logan got to last NFL cuts in his rookie year and Singed by the Argos the next week

Montreal - Tough to call as all QBs were back ups. Crompton rose to the top in finding ways to win. Marsh having to play last season was crazy but with potential good to see him be able to take a step back and develop. Brink will likely go again after the season. Garcia has a rolodex of QBs and in working with a lot of them will be an asset to bring in the right QB to fit the offence and the CFL.

Hamilton - looks like they traded away the wrong one but who knows going forward. McGee is up to the #2 spot. Masoli with ball security issues set him back. Lefevour I dont think is a QB that Austin sees in the long term

Ottawa - They got the best young back up possible in Demarco in the exbansion draft. After being rushed into the #2 spot in 2013 he got a chance to take another year to develop and learn. O'Brian looked good for about a half. Once that film was out it was clear that he is not even close to being ready. aside from Demarco a rising back up will be a target for Ottawa in the near future as well.