Back-up QB's

Masoli has good arm strength but no accuracy, may be a lack of reps. LeFevour has not arm strength at all. Pass was Koch was a possible TD if he didn't have to stop and wait for it and the attempt at a throw away was pretty sad. Hope Collaros is ready for Calgary or it will be another long game.

Agreed, lefeveur has 0 arm strength. It's pretty bad. Reminds me of porters lack of an arm, compared to burris all these guys arms seem like bums atm. We need to wake up, but mostly we need to wake up our oline or theyre all gonna be on the shelf from injuries before we know it. We have 2 weeks to clean this mess up, and hopefulyl get fantuz, ellingson, and collaros back healthy.

If Collaris has a concussion don't get your hopes up for a quick return to action. Look at Fantuz, he's still game-to-game. Better that we give these guys time to heal so that we don't ruin their careers and also the rest of their lives. Put your faith in Austin and Company and let's see what the backups can do. All in all, I thought the D showed marked improvement over game 1 and in the 2nd half the O-line seemed to get it together. If we hadn't shot ourselves in the foot, (esp. Massoli's "fumble") the game was ours. I think both Massoli and Lefevour did credible jobs given the circumstances in which they found themselves. Massoli showed a lot more poise than our backups usually show and perhaps with more reps he'll be able to make the offense go.

Personally, I thought Masoli had good pocket presence, great arm strength, a very quick release, threw tight spirals, made quick reads, and the team seemed to play better with him. Perhaps it's because he knows Austin's system better (from last season), or Lefever just isn't that good. In Drew's post-game videos, Austin said that Masoli was the second-best QB out of camp. I feel comfortable with him coming in for Zack, but he should have slid (by his own admission).

The problem with the Tiger-Cats is that all three QB's are back up QB's by professional standards not one has won a Grey Cup before.

At least when we had Burris we had a vet and pro QB who had won a Grey Cup but the Tiger-Cats decided to go to the young guns and the unproven route, now it will be a wait and see approach for every game in 2014 not sure who will start, who will play, maybe they all will play, who knows?

I would prefer watching one really good QB guide the Cats, Colaros could be that guy? I'm not sold yet but he's young and maybe in a few years, wait and see I guess? It might be a different game if Masoli didn't hand off to Watkins on the run and LeFevour ran a good hurry up offence but that's experience for you and hopefully they will learn from their mistakes and gain that experience needed to win ball games, they are all young and unproven but hopefully they'll get better?

I agree with sigpig, Masolli looked comfortable and appears to have the better arm. He is also pretty strong on his feet and showed he can escape from pressure. He unfortunately is not always accurate.

I was not surprised to see Austin put in LeFavour after the two turnovers, but when LeFavour was picked making the weak throw to the sidelines, I thought maybe they may go back to Masolli. I felt like he would give the Ti-Cats the better chance to win. LeFavour almost pulled off the comeback, but came up a little short, literally.

I think that Masolli could be the better player in the long run. Just needs to be more accurate, and cut down on the turnovers, and work on execution.

If Callaros continues to get hit, there is no doubt we are going to be seeing more of the back-ups.


Playing behind this O-line, it's impossible to tell if any of the QBs is any good. It's impossible for any of them to get into any kind of rhythm.

An Argo-Cat fan

Masoli's would be closest to Henry's and I do like his quick release.

I just want Kent to stop the rotating qb crap. Make a desicion and stick with it. I think this will hurt the confidence in the qb's.

Barney: Sad but true. :cry:

Seems to me that he benched Masoli after the second turnover. LeFevour has more game experience, so Austin went with him. Who knows what Masoli might have done if left in? That's why Austin gets paid the big bucks.

@pjones - with Collaros injured, Masoli should be getting the majority of first-team reps. That should help his accuracy.

They should kept brian Brohm

All the negatives of the last two weeks aside, one nice thing about the current regime is that all three QBs are capable of making plays with their feet (even if some plays didn't go as we'd hope on Friday). That was true with Hank starting as well, though he's certainly not as mobile as he was a few years ago.

All four of our QB's are Back Up's, Colaros, Masoli, LeFevour, McGee total pro experience about six years for all four and No pro Championships?

Are you asking a question or making a statement?

ALL QB's are backups - until they aren't. Some team has to or had to give them the eventual starting position BEFORE they could EVER win. Unless, you always want to use QB's that some other team has developed.

Oh yes i like Masoli a lot actually. He really came into a very tough spot. Lack of reps was mentioned above which certainly would have affected his play. With Collaros being a first time starter in a new offense probably means that Masoli may have been getting even less reps than usual for a back up QB. Also likely that a package of plays for Masoli has been put in yet that would work to his ability to run and shorter stature to move the pocket and rolling out more.
He certainly can launch the ball and has great pocket presence. moving him around would likely improve his accuracy. His size and troubles at Oregon dropped him off of a lot of teams radar. There is a reason why Austin traded for him shortly after becoming the captain of the ship. Masoli has played great where ever he has played. Even out played Troy Smith in his rookie year in the UFL, which was 2011 the last time he started a real game and saw meaningful playing time over the course of a few games.
The game plan was set for Collaros and while Collaros is 6.0 Masoli is 5'10 making a difference on him sitting in the pocket with sight lines and ball getting batted down. If he holds on to that ball he likely would not have had been taken out. After the Int and then being musled for the ball he was clearly mentally out of the game. if If if

Lefevour's usefulness is getting less and less in Hamilton. He clearly does not have the arm strength. He definitely is a great specialty QB for the Wild Cat but if Mcgee can do that and proves to have a stronger arm his days may be numbered. If Masoli needs to play a stretch of games he may just become the next sought after back up. You cannot teach the pocket presence he has. You are seeing that with Drew Willy.