Back up QBs for the Lions?

Will Reilly and DeMarco be Lulay's back up QBs for the 2012 season? Anyone know? And more importantly, if they are the QB back ups can either of them fill Lulay's shoes should Travis get injured?

On another note:

Who will be holding for McCallum this year? If I'm not mistaken Jarious Jackson had been the regular holder. With him gone could this give McCallum "problems" in terms of timing and setting the ball the way he likes it. Jackson and McCallum worked so well together.

I believe Mike Reilly will be the #2 QB behind Lulay; Mike will also be the place kick holder for Paul.

Good post, Beaglehound.

This is Reilly’s third year, so he’ll most likely be the no. 2 QB. That is a bit unnerving, since he has little actual game experience. Demarco appears to be number 3. He hasn’t tossed a pass in this league yet, but there’s a reason he’s staying and Cory Leonard just got released. The reason is that Leonard showed no improvement this year, a fundamental requirement for everyone who makes this team. It’s just like any other business: management, ie coaches, are looking for guys who are consistent from week to week and improvement from year to year.

JJ was our holder for the last several years and a very consistent one. But every team has a back-up holder in case the first stringer goes down. Wally liked using the 2nd string QB in that role because it get their second best ball handler on the field in important situations, and can be useful for fake kicks or when bad snaps turn into broken plays. No reason I can think of why Coach Benevides would do any different. So my money is on Reilly doing the holder’s job. Similarly, Demarco–or whomever emerges as the no. 3 QB-- will probably be the short yardage QB sneaker. MacCallum should have plenty of time to gel with his new holder before the first league game.

Can’t wait for tonight’s pre-season tilt against the green Riders from, as an ex Bomber head coach once put it, the “armpit of the country”.

Go lions Go.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Reiley looks good tonight or are the Riders just that terrible.

"Good post, Beaglehound." by Dooger

Thanks Dooger.

Excellent point about using the 2nd string QB as holder in case the play is a fake field goal or turns into a broken play! That has never crossed my mind.- ever!

It does look like Reilly is the No.2 backup. I was very impressed with his play Wednesday night against Sask. He threw the ball very accurately albeit at times needed to throw with more authority. Some almost got picked off. The throws did not have enough speed on them at times. A few times he tended to under throw. I hope his arm is strong enough. He resembles Lulay in some respects. He is a good scrambler, is not afraid to run with the ball to make yardage on his own. Passing is accurate. Appears to be able to read the defence well. The one concern I have is that when he takes off with the ball to gain yardage the only way he goes down is when he is tackled or knocked out of bounds. No hook sliding or going down before getting pounced on. That's a risky way of playing.

DeMarco made some good passes but doesn't seem to read the D as well and was scrambling for his life most of the time.

The Lions receiving corp is sensational in my opinion! With a healthy Lulay I think the Lions are going to be awesome this year. Stewart was looking very good on his returns.

The pecking order for the Lions is basically final now. Only 4 on the roster after Leonard was released and Yantz being the 4th will be sent back to his jr team once training camp is finished. This year teams were able to invite an extra Canadian QB to training camp to gain experience and they invited Yantz. He's not really in the running for a roster spot. Lulay will be our starter followed by Reilly then DeMarco. Solid combo.

Bit of both I suspect. Reilly looks like a solid #2 to me. But yes, that Green defence is a work in progress, to be charitable.

First pre-season game does not make a season but,nevertheless, I will be extremely surprised if the Lions lose more than 4 games.Presently,I don't know which team can beat them.


BC fans probably shouldn't read too much into the last three quarters of last night's dismantling of the Riders. Against a first string D Reilly would probably struggle much more than he did last night, essentially playing against the scrubs. But I liked his pocket presence, mobility and accuracy and the players seem to want to play for him. Demarco did engineer that final drive for a TD, but his spot is a developmental position, so don't expect much from this year. Either way the QB position looks plenty solid. It was a very good job by a patchwork offensive line for three quarters, especially by Kabongo and Baboulis. Very impressed with our receivers and that new running back/kick returner, Stewart, who was called "Sanders" by Chris Cuthbert for much of the night on TSN. Not to impressed by Suitor's goatee; he looks too menacing for TV. Also very impressed with our backup kicker.

Our front seven on D looked absolutely dominant. Solid run stopping and pass rushing by Yurichuck and Bighill, and Bighill's quick six may have cost Sask's QB O'Sullivan his job. Great pocket push by Mitchell and Taylor and solid end play by Smith and Williams. The new-look secondary looks tough to beat. Can't wait to watch opposition QBs decide whether to throw to Bank's/Marsh's side or try to fit balls into the other side with Shell and Parker. Maybe they'll try to go up the middle against Larose. I thought all the second and third string defenders acquitted themselves very well, so Benevides and the coaches have some tough decisions ahead. my guess is that some of those players will find work on other CFL teams later this year.

I think the Riders have a long way to go to become competitive this year. Darian Durant got them to the Grey Cup two years ago by lacks the surrounding cast he has previously: Clermont, Cates, Fantuz, Koch to name a few. So teams will double, even triple cover Getzlaf and Dressler, his two remaining veteran receivers.

My advice to the Riders during away games to BC this season? Save the cost of the airfares and just mail us the two points!

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Good thing I bought a program to find out who was playing for the Riders!

With the Lions only carring the three roster spot QBS all season with the Number 4 Yantz returning to play BCFC.Yantz is in the conference finals this week if they should lose will the Lions add him to the practice roster since the only other QBs they have signed came at the expantion of the practice roster and one since has been released
If he wins Sat the CJFL champinship will not be until NOV 10 in which he would only be able to be added during the playoffs.