Back up QB that have won

does any body know of a back up qb tha has come in to the G.C. and won

I'm not sure. Most likely.

But the Bombers still have a chance, in case you were worried :lol:

wild guess, moon, dunigan, some edmonton guy?? Mcmanus??

casey printers was the back up, when dd went down during the season and got mvp honors

Damon Allen in 87 when he replaced the injured Matt Dunigan....helped defeat my beloved Argos.......

In the NFL, I think one year in the 90's the Giants starter went down and the backup (Jeff Hostetler) came in and led them to the Superbowl. Also if the very average Trent Dilfer (Ravens) can win a Superbowl, so can Dinwiddie I think if the cards fall down right!!

Moon, Damon Allen were backups, but they had plenty of playing time before they won the Grey Cup. Not quite the same situation as Dinwiddie. Printers never played in the Grey Cup since Wally played DD instead. BC may have won if Printers played though!

Was Marcus Crandell a back up at Calgary the year he won Grey Cup MVP?? I cannot remember- and now he is the back up for the Riders. Not a bad back-up ex- Grey cup MVP

This is very different.

in all other situations, they were really 1 and 1a.

this is clearly 2nd string.

In 1983 Joe Barnes came in relief for Conredge Holloway and beat BC.

In 1973 Rick Cassatta won for Ottawa for an injured Jerry Keeling.

But Glenn to Dinwiddle has to be the biggest drop off since Sammy Garza replaced Dunnigan in 93

There's a couple great names, Barnes and Holloway.

McManus came in relief for Austin in the '94 Grey Cup game in Vancouver. Best remember that season for the McManus to Flutie TD winner in the last seconds of the game in snowy Cowtown during the West Final. Ahhh…

Jim Van Pelt was a rookie when Bombers won in 1958 but he had replaced Kenny Ploen about mid-season. Chuck Ealey was a rookie too in 72 but had been the number one well before the GC.
An unknown, inexperienced rookie like Dinwiddle winning would be virtually unprecedented in the modern era.

I thought it was interesting near the beginning of the game last week the announcers were talking about BC having a former Grey Cup MVP on the bench. They failed to mention that Sask. did too.

…the Patriots won the 2001 Superbowl with a backup QB…some guy named Tom Brady…

Didn't Brady replace Bledsoe mid-season as the #1 QB that year?

...yup...'Get your helmet on son, let's see what you can do'....the rest is history still in the making....

Crandell started the season as backup, behind Sankey, but by the playoffs he was the starter.


That's about the closest thing to it but Garza lost, despite a decent effort. Damon was too good that day.