back to the Pre-Tillman Riders

We haven't played this poorly, consistently, since the Roy and Danny Era. I thought we learned from our mistakes; I guess I'm wrong.

Even Bomber fan’s warned us of Tamen. Just didn’t think it would take such little time.

This is the post-Tillman riders, not the pre-Tillman Riders.

There's a huge difference between the two perspectives.

Post-Tillman Riders have tasted success and won't forget it.

Maybe I'm the only one but I'm optimistic. I saw some good things against Calgary, not enough to win the game but enough to show that they are getting better. And it's Taman, if you're going to criticize spell the man's name right.

We can blame Taman all we want, but I don't think he's the man calling the shots. All the player personnel stuff has to go through Ken Miller before it's approved.

We don't have enough right now to get back to the Grey Cup.

there's too many mistakes and too many Injuries at this point to make us a serious contender.

I still think that Calgary will turn it around and become a serious contender.

and I am not sure how much longer the Eskimos can last at this success.

I can be sure than Tillman would have made better choices during the last two season's off-seasons.

For one, I am disappointed in Nunn. He has dropped passes that should have been caught.

Im not convinced you guys will have enough to get back to the playoffs let alone the grey cup. time will tell though. four games against the stamps. that a huge set of point swings.

I agree about edmonton... they are playing above themselves.

yup. if the Stamps begin to play well and get their offensive issues solved then we are in for a long season.... :roll: