Back to the old team?

Okay so we've got a big game coming up against Edmonton not only for a chance to obtain first place in the west but also to have the tie breaker over edmonton (the only one we can have). Dominguez and Cates came back last game and while Dominguez wasn't spectactular he provides that leadership in the receiving core which we needed with so many young receivers playing now. Cates is his usually self which makes it easier on our quarterbacks because he establishes the run game, he can block and catch the ball. Now looking at the Edmonton game we may have Flick, Fantuz, Chick and McKenzie which would mean we could have our top play recievers back, our defensive specialist from last year (is it just me or has chick been getting hurt a lot this season... i guess he's just following the trend). McKenzie has been out for the past couple games which would also mean that our linebacking core would be back to itself. This will give us more options offensively and hopefully our quarterbacks can find our guys against Edmonton. Think this will be enough and will it be our old team from the start of the Season? Maybe even where we left off last year (minus Joseph but add Dominguez).

We'll have guys back but they are going to be rusty, they are likely not going to be in mid season form just yet. I thought Cates looked a bit rusty against the Cats and didn't quite have the speed he usually does but it will still pretty good.

Having those receivers back is going to be huge, especially for our young QBs. Dominguez only had 2 catches yesterday but I thought they were really important. One pass he took from Jyles would have been an int if Dominguez wasn’t the target. He fought and stole the ball away from the TiCat. I believe it probably would have been an int for a touchdown otherwise. I believe our young receivers have done a good job but they don’t make plays like that one.

For a minute, when the post said back to our old form, I thought you ment the shivers ara. :wink: Theie enthusiam just didn’t seen to be their yesterday. Maybe it was because we already have a playoof position? That would be from the old regieme.

Ya if it wasn;t for MD's Strength it would have been an int, the pass looked a lot like the one DD interception that happened in front of me, only this time the receiver was able to yank it away.