Back to the drawing board

That yellow ... okay ... gold and green tornado we saw on TSN today was the Edmonton Eskimos humiliating a BC Lions squad who looked about half a second behind the play all night. When these guys crap the bed they really do it in style. In sixty minutes this team went from being confident to uncertain, from strong up front to porous, from having an outside chance to steal second place in the west to fighting to avoid fourth place and the crossover. And now we get to play against the best team of the 2014 regular season. In a nutshell, that has been the 2014 BC Lions: they look good for a couple weeks against weaker teams, then get shredded for the next few against the better teams, and then the cycle repeats.

My recommendations for the Lions' brain trust? Burn the game tape and start drinking heavily.

BC didn't look ready to play and never really got much going except one early drive that led to their only score on a Paul McCallum field goal and a second half fumble recovery. Kevin Glenn looked indecisive, almost punchy, possibly due to a combination of some hangover from the head shot he suffered last week and almost nobody getting open for him all afternoon. BC could't run the ball very well, took too many penalties early on, couldn't tackle, couldn't stop a beachball on the defensive edges and were thoroughly humiliated by an Edmonton team that is playing their very best football of the year right now. If I were the Stamps I'd be worried about playing them in three weeks.

Calgary looked equally listless, losing to the hapless Bombers in front of thousands of Calgary's freezing fans in the early game. Losing Cornish early might mean a slightly easier time for BC's defense next week at BC Place. Most years you'd think they might fare well in the comfy confines of BC Place, but they've been a mediocre 4 and 4 under the dome in 2014. But not if they can't stop a beachball all night, like they did today. How bad was today's beat down? The Eskimos put up over 500 yards of offense on the CFL's best defence.

They'd better start packing their heavy socks, winter boots, long johns and hand warmers, because it looks like they'll probably start the 2014 post season in the eastern time zone.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Dooger in Surrey

Can't disagree there Dooger. I'll give the defence a little break here. You can't rest a defence when your offence keeps going two and out all the time. I don't get Benny. When your QB been playing like crap in the first half and your down by 17 points. When do you pull the plug and put in Beck? I would have given Glenn maybe one series in the second half to turn it around , not wait until he pulls another three more series of two and outs and your team is now down by 27 friggen points.

Games can be misleading when teams clinch playoffs and can afford to lose games. BC really isn't that bad and Edmonton really isn't that good. BC prefers east route in playoffs and has incentive to lose. Whereas, Edmonton wants to secure second place in west.

I can understand where your coming from if they were sitting their regular players and putting in second stringers. This team has been inconsistent on offence the whole season even before we clinched a playoff spot. And even some of us were wondering if this team was going to make the post season at all. I'll give our D a pass. How can you rest your D when your offense keeps going two and out like a revolving door with no end in sight.
Remember B.C still had something to play for and this team just got blown out. If your saying that Edmonton isn't that good then why did B.C ended up being 0-2 against them and they hold Glenn to 68 yards in total passing the last game . I couldn't imagine what Glenn's stats would be if Edmonton was playing to their potential.
Saskatchewen is in the same boat as we are since they lost their starting QB and have been going on a tailspin since. If they lose next week then you can forget the crossover and we end up playing Edmonton again. This is still Bouno's team . If you think that He would allow this team to tank the last two games on purpose then you have another thing coming.Imo