Back to the classic Red and White when Ottawa starts?

Just wondering whether you think Calgary would go back to their classic red and white look when Ottawa comes back in with their red, black, and white colour scheme?

Calgary always looked sharp with a crisp red and white..with the black thrown in it looks a bit muddy. They may just do it when they play each other but it'd look really lame if 2 teams in a 9 team league had pretty much the same colour uniforms.


I hope so. Never liked the excessive black in the Stamps uniforms the last few years. And while they're at it, they can change Edmonton back to yellow helmets on the road as well.

Agreed totally

Yes! :thup: :thup:


I noticed after the Flames got majority ownership that we got more black being used in the uniforms, like they're trying to make both teams look similar (colour-wise).

When Ottawa returns it's an opportunity to wear replica Ohio State uniforms with emphasis on scarlet and gray.

Why would they stoop to wearing NCAA knockoffs? With the exception of one year in the 60s when they wore gold pants, the Stamps wore red and white (or off-white) at least as far back as WW II. Prior to that, they played one year in blue and gold; the Stamps predecessors - the Bronks (?) and the Tigers - also wore red and white or grey.

Don't want to be nit-picky (you are basically correct in what you are trying to say), but the Stamps wore blue and gold from '45-'47, changed back to red and white (which they used when they were the Bronks during the '30's) in 1948. Calgary's original colours were black and gold, that's why they started to be called the Tigers. So Calgary has been wearing red and white since the '30's (with 3 years wearing blue and gold, actually should be gold and blue, gold was the dominant colour as only the shoulders and numbers were blue).
Considering that Ottawa is going to be called the REDBLACKS, the Stamps really need to scale back on the black (should only be used as trim around numbers and stripes), need to go back to the red jerseys and white pants. Didn't mind when they used the grey pants and trim around the numbers during the late '70's and '80's, wouldn't mind if they used a retro design like that for the alternate uni (ditch the black ones altogether - the '90's are long over).

Thanks for the info. Not sure just where I picked up the idea that the Stamps wore blue and gold for just one year, probably some book at the library.

Some centre stripes make yours the best in the CFL!

One thing we know for sure is that Ottawa will be back with promantly Red and Black with some white and will bring back the all Black helmet with the white "R" on the side. Ottawa's Red has always been a Scarlet red so the red is not quite the same. It's seems that Calgary has taking advantage of Ottawa's absence and capitalized on the use of Black.

I agree... Liked the Red and white much better too. You know that Ottawa has no choice but to suit up in RED & BLACK kinda like the name of the team says. They already said they plan on using the all black helmet with the big white "R" It's could get a bit confusing on the field for the players if they look to much alike.

Absolutely, I hope Calgary does the honourable thing. Their current uniforms are the worst in the league anyways, they need to go clean with just red and white. They used to have one of the best uniforms!