back to square one

The Lions can lose, and they will on Friday.

CGY 34 B.C. 27


Does Calgary have any players left after all those injuries against Winnipeg?

I saw Lewis, Coe, and the Punter all in rough shape

RedandWhite just sumed it up.

Lewis Will be fine, Dales(the punter) will be healthy enought to kick the ball and Coe well you need to shoot him to stop him from playing so we are good.

Thank you very much for your worries but seriously…if I were in your feet, I would worry about my team going against the Lions…
ill take my team over yours any day…
Reminds me of some Eskimo fans…before the game vs the lions, they were like putting up all of this stats and how great their team against my lions…look what happen?!
I do understand that Calgary fans are supportive…i mean who wouldnt support hisher team? and also because the stamps have a better team this season…i mean, after last year… eeek!..
Im sorry to say this or for you to hear this from me(or maybe youve heard this before)…
but NO, your stamps are not yet in Lions calibre…we may lose this coming game but for most of us(lions fans)…it will be just a bump in the road or what you want to happen=ending our streak…THATS IT…while your team is on the fight of its life to stay ahead of the riders…
I will admit that stamps are way better than I thought…actually better than the riders(no offense to riders fans)and im pretty sure your stamp will take the 3rd spot…

My two favourite teams Friday night...Yahoo!

As much as I'd love to see BC continue the streak, R&W points out two weaknesses, that have also concerned me.

That BC O-line is a concern. Has McCallum and O'Mahoney traded addresses?


Calgary always plays BC tough. Yes, last year, each team stole a game from each other. It was a good game two weeks ago. Calgary played it close. I think Calgary has a good chance of ending the streak.

Go Lions go

I think Calgary has a chance, They played pretty good last time against BC just Ran outta gas. If milin Bank can continue to play to his potential they may go along way this year.

Lions will take this one... by upwards of 14... maybe only 7 if Casey is starting... but either way a win for the Lions

.......I'm glad you didn't say 'gauranteed' or somthing like that, those statements are always so hard to retract.... :smiley: should be a great game.......heard today we have two key injuries......Boese will be out of the backfield, Deck will cover for him and Lewis is a no-show in the Receiving Corps, look for Rambo to step excuses, just the current info......our punter is fine and a little bit of tape on Coe's finger boo-boo will enough to see him dressed for Friday Night Lights..........

[b]Stamps by 24 points? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …it’s okay I’ll be alright, just give me a minute. Ah where’s that pen and paper when I need it!! :smiley:

shouldn’t that score be the other way around or have you gone TOTALLY INSANE!! :shock:

oh where are thou?

here you go:

Yes...sweet indeed!