Back to normal

After a blip on the radar last year this team has returned it's usual glory...being a terrible team.

You were saying.....

Back in it!

Looking at the remaining schedule,this team is going to be very hard pressed to even coming close to a .500 record this season
7 of their last 12 games are against the East,with the remaining 5 games being 4 home dates vs the West(Calg/Sask/Edm/BC)
and a road game against the Bombers. My guess is wins against Ott (2) Mtl(2)a split with Tor(2-1)and maybe going 2 and 3 against the West if were lucky.

My guess for the Eastern Final standings is the Argos at 8-10 (one home win against a western team and beating the RedBlacks and Als), the Cats at 6-12 (Cat win on Labour Day, but losses against them after that, and beating the RedBlacks and Als), and it's a toss-up as to which Western team crosses over (with a better than .500 record).