back to life

Things are finally looking up. Positive, you might say. Now 500 and showing we can win against an actual team. Not hamilton, eskies (closest thing to a team weve beaten) and toronto -allen. We beat the fully stocked riders, who arguably were the best dispersal draft stacked. The Big blue just got a lot, Bluer. PS STEGALL 2 AWAY.


I was surprised the Bombers pulled it off. Although not as decisevely as the Riders game the week before.

Grant makes that catch and the Bombers lose.

Anyway, another loss in the next two weeks and the Bombers playoff spot is in jeopardy.

haha bombers dont get a penalty on the barrin simpson TD and winnipeg would have won anywase if u wanna play it like that

the reason the bombers didnt blow out saskatchewan was because saskatchewan came out with intensity both weeks. the time winnipeg lost winnipeg playe as if they idnt care at all.