Back to football please

Ok let's talk football instead of all this stadium crap.

And to get things going I will say congratulations to Arland Bruce - leading the league at the half in receiving yards by a comfortable 75 yards (at least that's what the CFL stats say.)
And Kevin Glenn is right there with a certain Mr. Calvillo and Mr. Durant as the league's three most successful QBs. After Labour day I predict he will be in first. Durant seems to be struggling big time and Calvillo is likely gone for several games.
And I remember not long ago Ticat fans dissing both of these outstanding players.
My prediction that Glenn would have a career season is right on track.
Stala too is among the top three Cdn receivers.
It's been a long time since Ticat fans had this much to cheer about.
Now all we have to do is take care of the Argos on Labour Day and we are on our way baby...

:D :D :D :D :D :D

A Lions win over the Als on Friday and a win for us on Labour Day means first place will be up for grabs on the following Saturday against Montreal (or at least a tie for first place). :smiley:

However, Calvillo might just miss one game and be back in time for that Saturday afternoon at Ivor Wynne.

Lots and lots to be positive about going into the second half of the season.

Glenn has been lights out, and is on his way to a career year. Possible MOP candidate.

Bruce is, well, Bruce. Without a doubt the best WR in the CFL right now. He, too, is a possible MOP candidate. If both Glenn and Bruce keep it up it is going to be very hard to pick one to be the Cats nominee.

The Defensive Line as been great. Getting a great rush and helping the Linebackers just pile up the tackles.

Speaking of the LBs, they are the best in league, bar none. Jamall Johnson is even better than last year, and that's saying something.

It looks like Cobb and DeAngelis have overcome their early-season struggles.

The team is coming together after a slow start. It's a very exciting time to be a Tiger-Cats fan.

Tiger-Cats are on a 3 game winning streak ! No nicer way than going into the second half of the season.

Otis continues to play at a very high level despite his age, Markeith is solid as usual. Definitely the best group of linebackers in the league.

We're also tied for second in sacks with 21!

And all three are in the top 12 in tackles.

Ok this is a little optimistic - especially for me -- but, after loooking over the rest of the schedule, I'm going to predict we go
8-2 with losses to Montreal and Sask. I know, I know it's a long shot but I'm betting we're getting better and all the other teams have peaked or are going down.


If Saskatchewan plays the way they did this week when they come to Hamilton, the Cats will smoke them.

Looking at the schedule, I think 8-2 is very realistic. The ones that will give the Cats the most trouble are:

@Calgary, vs. Montreal (x2), vs. Saskatchewan

That's it, four games. Yes, BC will be tough in BC, Edmonton will be tough in Edmonton, because it's always tough to win on the road, especially when traveling west. But the Cats are better than both those teams. I don't think anyone would dispute that, not even Lions or Esks fans. Toronto will be tough as well, but I think Hamilton is better than Toronto. The two games against them should be close, though.

This team could very well finish 12-6. Like you said, these guys are getting better. I am very excited for the second half of the season. This team will finish above .500, no doubt in my mind.

Considering we have already played in Montreal and in Saskatchewan, the only game left on the schedule that i wouldn't really expect to win is in Calgary.

At the half way juncture, I predict that if the TiCats still can't execute on short yardage plays this season will be a disappointment. This team should make it to the divion final at least but if you can't score first and goal you aren't going to the big party. As they didn't bring in another running back during the break I assume they are confident Cobb or Thigpen can get 100 yrd/game in the second half. Special teams coverage needs to improve, like now. I'd like to see more Carter and Nicholson with Brown getting some balls thrown to him too.

Yes you are right about the short-yardage problem. They need to deal with that. I think they need to go to a fullback to solve that problem. Cobb refuses to hit the hole and I don't think Thigpen has the power.

My wish list for the second half (aside from 10+2 straight wins and the Cup):

  • Front 7: No complaints here. Keep up the good work.
  • Backs: Bradley to try tackling instead of going for the big hit. Shivers and Tisdale to continue improving in coverage (they are getting better, honest). Barker to make those interceptions. Maybe some tip drills for them all?
  • O-line: Start opening up some holes, without losing anything on their pass protection.
  • Receivers: Mann to be more reliable - he's getting open, but hate those drops. More throws to Carter and Nicolson to keep defence honest. Switch McKay in for Bauman (sorry Chris, but you're being paid to catch the ball, so if you can't do it...). The rest, keep up the good work and rack up those passing yards and YACs.
  • Runningbacks: Cobb to carry on from where he left off the last two games, and run with power. Thigpen to be used on occasion with or without Cobb. Fullbacks to actually carry the ball on occasion.
  • QBs: Glenn - no complaints. Porter to work on not locking in, shifting his eyes so defence can't key on primary receiver.
  • Kickers: DeAngelis, Tafralis, Matechuk to work out the kinks on those long FGs. Wilbur to work on his angling out of bounds - it's a wider field than he's used to, so it'll just take a bit more practice. Maybe Ozzie can give him a few pointers too?
  • Play calling: Use a true fullback (don't care who - Brown, Fournier, even McIntyre) on short yardage, and give him the ball on occasion. On third and short, put Porter in with two backs (one a FB), spread receivers out to spread defence out somewhat. More deception, crossing routes, rubs, etc.

And if all the other teams in the league get abducted by Aliens, we'd win the Grey Cup by default but I don't expect that to happen either lol.

The Als with Chris Leak at qb, anything can happen :stuck_out_tongue:

He's shown that he's no Ted White. *

  • Reference for Als fans and those who remember the early years of the 2000's.

Oh, that Ted White. I didn't remember him at first glance, instinctively checked Google and started thinking you were in Africa too long:

I wonder if Ted the football player is upset Wiki doesn't know him?

You HAVE to beat the teams you should beat. Simple. But the team is a work in porogress as the season goes on. Before the 1st game of the season, what did you think their recoprd would be now. 4 and 4 isn't that bad. Montreal, Calgary, Sask. AT THE START OF THE YEAR how did you think they would fare against these teams. BE HONEST. 4 wins left against BC and Edmonton, a split left with T.O., split with Montreal, 1 win left against either Sask. or Calgary. That gives you 11-7. Using the coulda, shoulda rule, it coulda been 12-6 cause they shoulda beat Calgary. But it is what it is. Offense looks solid. Be better if the running game was better. Defence looks solid except for the dbs. Take it one game at a time.