Back to Back Games??

Is this just a test this year in the CFL or the future of games to come with so many back top back games? Hamilton and Regina, Hamilton and Winnipeg this week and next and soon Hamilton and BC seems like in 8 or 9 weeks of Football we will have played 6 games against the same 3 teams?

I can see a Back to Back game maybe once or twice throughout the season but so many back to back and so close seems kind of odd with no variety especially in an 8 team league? I’m not ruling out the idea, I guess I’m just not use to seeing so many back to back games before, I guess it cuts down on travel time or makes it easier for teams to adjust to their opponent week by week but it seems strange?

Maybe instead of so many back to back games next year the CFL should introduce games where more teams would play games outside of their home field like in Moncton with Touchdown Atlantic to introduce the game to other cities in Canada, where potential Cities that may be open to a CFL team in the future could host a game like Quebec City, Halifax, Victoria BC and so on?

But playing games outside your city means lots of extra costs. Why would the Ticats pay to set up thousands of extra temp seats say in Halifax or somewhere else with no guarantee that the locals would come. Next year they will be playing in a shiny new stadium and guaranteed capacity crowds, I don't think they would want to play anywhere else.
Moncton for this year is logical even if they only get a 14k crowd it beats Guelph.
The CFL has to worry about their existing markets not going to places that will never have a CFL team.

Personally I dislike back to back games during the regular season. There is no financial reason for them, and I don't see where there is any tactical advantage to either team.

Maybe, with the bombers bombing this year, and Ottawa coming back, the schedulers will have the existing west teams playing their sched, Peg in the middle playing with itself, and the east playing their sched.

A back to back or home and away series is good once during the season. I'm not a fan of it continually. I'd rather see a different opponent from week to week.

I hope this experiment is a one off.

I'm not sure how I feel about them. I DO think that they reveal much about the coaching of a team and how adjustments are made.

They also bring back some nice memories of the old "2 game total points" playoff structure that I really liked.

I like them for Labour Day and the following weekend; otherwise not at all.

There was an era when the closest rivals would play home and away on the Saturday and Monday of holiday weekends. For football fans, they were the best weekends of the season and, I believe, more often than not, the results were a split. i.e. - 1954, HAM 17 @ TOR 6 on Sept. 4th and TOR 21 @ HAM 7 on Sept. 6th. 1955, HAM 6 @ TOR 31 on Sept. 3 and TOR 12 @ HAM 37 on Sept, 5th.

Two interesting articles on scheduling. One deals with a whole host of parameters and modeling. The other deals with # of days off between games.

[url=] ... duling.pdf[/url] [url=] ... rmance.pdf[/url]

Basically, the league has a set list of preferences/criteria when building a schedule. Then balance specific stadium hosting issues and specific league requests etc.

Limit Number of “back-to-back? games
Intradivisional games during final four weeks
Thursday games
Friday games
Sunday games
Number of games played on preferred dates

“League officials were able to observe that, for example, maximizing the number of intradivisional games scheduled over the final few weeks of the season could lead to a larger number of back-to-back contests.”

The first link is a very good read if not only for the understanding of how many factors affect scheduling.

I think back to back is fine maybe once a year like a back to back game with Toronto, first game would be at home in Hamilton on Labor Day in the new Tim Horton's Feild next year against Toronto, followed by a away game at The Roger's Centre in Toronto the following week, to me that makes sense, not so many back to back games and so early in the year?

Also, in regards to experimental games where teams play outside of their home fields like Moncton and Touchdown Atlantic, the cost should be picked up by the league if it isn't already, it's an experiment for the future of expansion in the league and that benefits everyone in the CFL!! I would rather see expansion in Canada than expansion back in the USA under ex-CFL Boss Larry Smith???

back to back games suck IMO. Boring seeing the same teams over and over

How are they seeing the same team over and over again? they are still playing only two games in the back to back series, play them one week and face them the next, don't have to face them again.

After they play next week we will have seen them play 3 teams in the last 7 weeks. That's pretty boring if you asked me. Back to back series should be around labour day and that's it.

its an 8 team league.. if youre not seeing the same team the next week you're seeing them the following week.. lol

I like it personally.. the players get their grudges on!

New postby FenderGuy69 » 14 Aug, 2013 - 04:23 Two interesting articles on scheduling. One deals with a whole host of parameters and modeling. The other deals with # of days off between games. ... duling.pdf
I had a brief look at the above mentioned article. Surely there is computer software available that could do the scheduling for the league. Doing it manually just seems ridiculous.