Back to Back ARGOS!

:sunglasses: Larry Shreve (Abdullah the Butcher) is certainly still alive, and doing well even at the age of 80 !!

You obviously are not up to date on all these old rasslers !!! :roll_eyes:

Don't forget that Abdullah the Butcher was sued by an Ottawa wrestler named Hannibal for infecting him with Hep-C in a blood letting match several years ago. Hannibal won his case

Such stupidity. Like I keep saying, Argonaut fans aren't the enemy. It's all the Torontonians who've embraced American sports culture and don't care about the Argos who are the enemy.

And I have to wonder about these Hamiltonians who claim to hate Toronto (a fully understandable sentiment in my book) but are fans of the Maple Leafs or the Blue Jays. What are they using for a brain?



Bang on... upset Hamilton never got an NHL team, but support the team that blocked us.

That's why if this outdoor leafs/ Sabres game happens, I hope it'll be all replica Hamilton Tiger jerseys in the crowd.


What a great ideas for uniformsโ€ฆ..:+1::+1:

:sunglasses: I have been saying the same thing as you, on here for years !!

It's so ridiculous, we are supposed to hate the Argos, but cheer for the biggest joke in hockey, the Laffs, and also the Jays, and just about every other team in Toronto :roll_eyes:

You ask , what are they using for a brain ?

No brain at all, just a empty head rolling down the road !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Iโ€™m a 45 year STH and hate the dreaded Argos just because they are our local rivalry. I cheer for and watch every Bluejays and Raptors game because I consider them Canadaโ€™s team against the nasty Americans. I cheer for Buffalo because I consider them local (I have to cheer for someone to maintain some interest in the NFL) and same with TFC. I am not a big hockey fan any longer so I only watch some of the playoffs. Kinda of a fair weather Leafs/Montreal fan.
IMHO, hating the Argos and cheering for the other Toronto teams is Ok๐Ÿ˜

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Yes you are correct, the Argos are something different for Ticat fans. Of course Hamiltonians will cheer for the Jays and Raptors, it's not about embracing American sports culture as someone said. Baseball and Basketball are part of our culture too.
Does he think we should've embraced Cricket and Netball instead?
Canadians love their sports and want to watch Major league sports, they want to see the best. Lots of Canadian embrace the EPL soccer because it's the best in the world but we will never have a team in the EPL. But they will watch and support MLS.
Canadians will watch the NFL, it's the major league but they will also support and love the CFL

It's an interesting subject the way local fandom works.

I think it's fine to cheer for the Jays and Raptors.

The Argos are different because we hate them and Toronto in the closed system context of the CFL as a league.

The leafs, Sabres and NHL are different given the obvious history.

That would truly be excellent! Who's selling those?


First of all, I am more than a little perturbed about the fact that @Balticfox or @Tipper think they can get all righteous, climb onto their soap box and preach to other Tiger-Cat fans about the proper etiquette for cheering for the Black & Gold.

Furthermore, personally speaking, I neither hate Toronto, nor their fans, but I feel nothing but contempt & malice for the Argos because they are our main rivals. For most of the people on this forum, I don't think I need to elaborate on that.
If these righteous fans are attempting to inform the rest of us that we need to respect the Argos because the CFL cannot survive without the Argos, and a strong franchise in Toronto contributes to a stronger CFL, then my response is that I both understand & agree with that sentiment. But I do not agree that my sentiments towards the hated Argos impact the business fortunes of the Argonauts football team in any fashion. And besides that, that is a topic for a totally separate forum.

To bring this discussion back full circle, to the topic of this thread, the Argonauts played a game against the Tiger-Cats last night, and were fully deserving of their victory in that game. But I have every right to be bugged to my very core by that result. Last night, nothing would have made me happier than going to bed with the knowledge that Argos' fans had to crawl home from BMO Field after watching our Tiger-Cats thoroughly humiliate their team on their home turf. But it did not happen. That is sports . . . we will get them next time.

Despite the victory, the Argos' braintrust and their fans have to worry about the future of their franchise. That is not something that I can influence in any fashion. And that is a subject for another day . . . and another thread !!


I said that.

Now let me say that I have no problem with baseball or basketball. I'll happily watch the Kitchener Panthers of the Senior Intercounty League and the London Lightning of the National Basketball League of Canada.

The objection I have is to Ted Rogers telling me to cheer for "your" Toronto Blue Jays. Screw you Ted. They're not my Toronto Blue Jays; they're yours. Worse yet they're a collection of foreigners subsidized by my tax dollars. (See SkyDome.)

I also can't abide those radio ads saying I'm part of "Leafs Nation" implying that I should automatically embrace some team of multi-millionaires on the basis of a geographical accident simply to fatten the coffers of the billionaires behind MLSE. Excuse me but I'm not part of this "nation" of yours. It'll be a cold day in hell before I pay those ticket prices to support your business enterprise.

The "best"? Just about nobody in the stands or watching on TV is qualified to make such subjective judgements. How can anyone tell whether a player runs a 4.3 or a 4.4 in the forty without bringing a stop watch to a game? How can one tell if a player can dead lift 660 or 675 pounds? Fans only believe such and such is the best because they've been told so repeatedly and/or are judging on the basis of salaries.

Personally I don't give a damn for other people's opinions of the best. So long as I have a psychological/aesthetic rooting interest in the winner and the game is entertaining, that's enough for me. So I'll happily cheer for the London Knights over the Oshawa Generals or the old Hamilton Bulldogs of the AHL even though I "know" they're not the best.

Incidentally, have you ever tried telling an Italian that their soccer isn't the world's best on the basis that their team wasn't the World Cup victor? Be prepared for hours of impassioned argument/denial. We Canadians though go over so easy in the face of the American cultural and sports colossus. It's our national inferiority complex.

Not true these days. Most don't. And that doesn't just make me sad; it makes me angry.


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Whew. :grimacing: Thank god you're still red. When you turn green we all run...

"Balticfox SMASH!!!"

No one I know of, I just meant the thought was nice. Ive seen retro Jersey sites, though don't remember seeing a Tigers one.

The black and gold Bulldogs Jersey with the stylized "H" could work well.

Or maybe Mr. Balsille will take the opportunity to print 40, 000 t-shirts to be handed out at the gates on the way into the game.

Red Hulk worse.

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Too much time in tanning booth for Hulk! Luckily teeth still white!
Otherwise SMASH maintenance guy over faulty timer!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: