Back to Back ARGOS!

"Inside info" should be limited to funny hats, lucky pennies and how awesome border-line professional kickers did in practice.

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Don't forget the witty anecdotes in 2018 from the two grandpas...

Thanks. I had seen that, but the transactions page doesn't show what type of injury a player has. Couldn't find an injury report, for either team, this game, and was questioning where Ticatfan94 saw "head injury" for Ciante. Now, I see mightypope2 saying it was insider or, I guess, player or staff member to fan information.

Speedy, Ciante, Don Jackson and Desmond Lawrence are all on the 1-game injured list for the rematch in Toronto.
Links to the depth charts for both teams:

I was wondering why Coach O. seemed rather grumpy and not himself, when interviewed right after this week's only practice. Now, I know.

The Argos lost their C, S, and Returner to Labour Day injuries, but their receiving corp will be stronger with Ricky Collins and Chandler Worthy back for this game.

Not sure if he's Worthy replacement for Braverman

I don't know if your thought is serious or just having fun with the name, but you may be right. I recall Worthy impressing me in 2019 and had to check the stats to compare him with Braverman. They've, each, played just 3 CFL games and their stats are very similar.

lighten up - he is worthy

My guess is the players are cautioned not to discuss injuries on social media.

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They are told on day one of training camp. Do not discuss injuries to the media or anyone else. If injury info pops up in the media and your name is the source, you can be cut. Hamilton (pretty sure it was Hamilton) cut a guy a few years ago in training camp because he tweeted a teammate's injury. Everybody knows: do not talk injuries.

So, I just found out that the blew team will be honouring Nick Volpe.
Be prepared for an entire quarter of football to be taken up with that, with zero discussion about what we PAY that network to broadcast - namely the actual game on the field.

Oh great . So I guess we'll see his grandson or whatever up in the booth with either Suits or Black blabbering on and on about when Grandpa played ball in the 50's and how he taught his sons how to catch a pass in the backyard and after that how he took them out for ice cream cones . Gee I can't wait . :roll_eyes: :yawning_face:

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Maybe Ticat radio is the way to go…..just mute the TV​:grin::+1:

Good call! Ticats radio was excellent on Labour Day! I couldn't watch and boy did I not miss TSN. Suits really is grating.

I did NOT see one Argo fan get his ear bit off on Labour Day. SO disappointing......

So you're saying that instead of bringing in Ric Flair for a pre-game rally, the Cats should actually bring in Mike Tyson?

Well, since Abdullah the Butcher and Kamala "The Ugandan Giant" are no longer with us... :cry:

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As I've told this story before, I had to pull my 10 year old daughter just in time. She had moved a few feet away from us outside the Balsam gate in 2002. Apparently she was "watching the silly men fighting" and just as the Hamilton fan was about to sink his teeth in I managed to yank her away.

Mike Hogan mentions this and some other Labour Day fun in an old article. (Note our record when he wrote this!!!)

"Hamilton has nothing to lose. That’s what should scare the Argos a bit. The Tiger Cats are 0-8 and worthy of that record. The playoffs aren’t happening for them this year, so for the home team, this is their Grey Cup. That will allow them to play with a little more recklessness. They can take chances they normally wouldn’t.

Something unusual may happen on Monday. In 2002, a Ticat fan went all Mike Tyson and bit off part of an Argo fan’s ear. He was sentenced to six months in jail for aggravated assault. Three years later Argo return specialist Bashir Levingston threw his helmet at a fan in the stands after someone spit on him.

In the 2004 Classic, a brawl broke out and R. Jay Soward and Andre Talbot of the Argos, and Wayne Shaw and, shockingly, Adriano Belli of the Ticats were ejected. There were over 400 yards in penalties that day..."

This year Hogan got Adriano Belli to comment

The Toronto Star disapproves.

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I forgot about that LD ear-biting incident but I do recall a lot of fistfights in the IWS stands back in the 80s.

Those were the good old days. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ticats, Argos injury reports: Banks out for Hamilton - it's on there it says head injury that's from before players were moved to one game injured list .

Players have mentioned having surgery before though it was known already that they were injured